Pancreatic diseases in children: reactive pancreatitis

reactive pancreatitis is not an independent disease.It is a response of the child's body on the various adverse effects in the form of inflammation of the pancreas.This secondary origin condition occurs in children in recent years frequently.May improve the diagnosis of pancreatitis, or changing the nature of supply of many children led to more frequent detection of this pathology.


  • 1 Reasons reactive pancreatitis
  • 2 Symptoms
  • 3 Diagnostics
  • 4 Treatment
  • 5 Prevention
  • 6 summary for parents

rise to reactive pancreatitis may cause such reasons:

With the development of reactive pancreatitis occurs spasm of the excretory ducts of the prostate.Develop the enzymes do not get it in 12 duodenal ulcer, and begin to "digest" of the prostate tissue.The same mechanism of the process is marked and congenital abnormalities ducts.

Stagnation of digestive juices and enzymes occur in rare during the day meals child.The resultant swelling pancreatitis inflamed prostate tissue cau

ses compression of the efferent ducts and makes more difficult the outflow of enzymes.

Pancreatic diseases in children: reactive pancreatitis Development reactive pancreatitis, possibly even in the first year of baby's life in violation of the rules of complementary feeding: the introduction of foods (meats, industrial juices) early.Such foods cause disruption of the immature pancreatic cancer.

Onset is usually acute.The most characteristic symptoms of pancreatitis are:

In young children, the symptoms can be smoothed and less pronounced.Even a doctor can be difficult to diagnose quickly.The combination of at least one of these symptoms with constant pain in the abdomen has to be a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor, or call "ambulance."Attempts by parents to cope with the situation could have dire consequences.

In the diagnosis of pancreatitis following methods:

Treatment reactive pancreatitis in children should be performed only in a hospital.Appointed necessarily bed rest.The treatments include drug therapy and dietetic food.

Pancreatic diseases in children: reactive pancreatitis principles of medical treatment of pancreatitis:

for pain used antispasmodics (No-spa, Spazgon, Platifillin, Spazmalgin, Duspatalin).The drugs not only reduce pain but relieves spasms duct cancer, and this facilitates the outflow of digestive juices and enzymes.Through this action antispasmodic drugs reduces inflammation and destruction of the gland tissue.In order

detoxification administered intravenous solutions (Reosorbilakt, 5% glucose or 10% solution, plasma).

widely used to inhibit the action of pancreatic enzymes protease inhibitors (Trasylol, Contrycal, Gordoks, ingitrila, Ingiprol, Patripin).

as antihistamines may appoint Tavegil, Suprastin, Claritin, and others.

Enzyme preparations containing a part of pancreatic enzymes, are connected to the treatment of expanding child nutrition.Most often used for this purpose pancreatin Mezim forte, Festal.

from vitamin preparations used in the treatment of ascorbic acid, Ascorutin, B vitamins

There is a unique instrument called "ALMEDIS", created by Russian scientists, which can be used for the treatment of pancreatitis.The device is in the form of dark glasses has a small size (fits in a case for glasses), can also be used to treat other organs.

In this unique new technology used by the law of resonance interaction of color that matches the frequency of the color of the affected organ.Each organ of the human body has a certain frequency and its color.The energy of the light hitting the retina is transmitted to the body that need treatment.On the iris there is a projection of all the organs.Held 2-3 four-minute sessions per day.

The technique has been recognized at the international exhibition and awarded for the versatility and effectiveness of a silver medal.

considerable importance in the treatment of a child with a reactive pancreatitis diet.Within 1-2 days (at the discretion of the doctor) meal completely exclude, to ensure peace for the inflamed gland.These days, the child should be provided only to non-carbonated drink warm alkaline mineral water (Borjomi, Luzhanska, Glade kvasova, Essentuki, Sairme, Glade font and others).The required volume of water determined by the physician.

Power expand very slowly:

Power of the child shall be a fraction (small meals every 3-4 hours).During the first two weeks, give food in a shabby.

Pancreatic diseases in children: reactive pancreatitis should limit the amount of fat (use butter, refined sunflower or olive).

necessary to limit and carbohydrates (honey, sugar, sweets).

Never give your child fried, fatty foods, marinades and spices, smoked, canned, sausages, chocolate, sweet pastries, ice cream !!!It is not recommended to eat cabbage, beans.

volume portions, expanding diet should be agreed with your physician.

To prevent the development of reactive pancreatitis and recurrence parents should:

not indulging the whims and needs of young children can be to relieve them of the use of hazardous products.This is important in the prevention of reactive pancreatitis.Adherence to food adopted in kindergarten, should not violate the weekend and during the period of study at school.

In the case of such disease should consult a doctor and follow all the recommendations assigned to them.The only way to save the child from problems in the future of his life and the need for lifelong dieting during the transition process in chronic pancreatitis.