Treatment of burns at home

At home, you can treat burns that meet the following conditions:

for treatment of burns at home you need to adhere to the following steps:

If you need to put out the flames burn burning clothes, carry on the victim from the source of fire.If there was a burn with boiling water or, for example, molten metal or other liquid - you need to quickly remove the clothing from the body surface, carefully remove it or cut.It is desirable as small as possible injure the burned surface.

The injured part of the body must be quickly dipped in cold water or put under running cold water for several minutes.Make sure that the jet of water does not beat directly on the wound, but simply ran down the burned surface.After cooling of thermal burns to the affected skin under the bandage may be applied to some baking soda.

If a chemical burn the affected area need to quickly rinse under running water (except lime burns).Then, when the skin is washed with acid burns baking soda solution, and when alkali burns - a weak sol

ution of citric acid.

about the treatment of chemical burns like burns plants, describe the program "Live healthy!»:

Victim give excessive drinking.You can drink hot tea, coffee, alkaline mineral water in sufficient quantities (up to 2 liters).It will help avoid dehydration following solution: 1 liter of water or tea, half a teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon salt.

For anesthesia can take analgin, aspirin, other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as complex preparations containing diphenhydramine.

the treatment at home should get injured easily digested high-calorie foods rich in protein and fat-soluble vitamins (A, E).Justify the extra intake of these vitamins (the simplest solution - Aevitum).

burned surface is recommended to treat 70% ethanol or regular vodka and cover with a cloth from a sterile bandage.If thermal burns under a bandage may be applied to some baking soda.Top imposed bandage.Vata for the treatment of burn wounds is better not to use, t. To. It dry on the edges of the wound and cause further trauma and pain.

resulting bubble open yourself is not recommended.Of course, most likely a big bubble will burst very soon.However, the longer the protective coating on the surface of the burn, the better the skin will be restored underneath.Therefore, the bubble is best left alone, and after his spontaneous dissection carefully with a sterile cloth to squeeze the bubble to cover the wound.

intact skin around the burn can be treated with an antiseptic, such as brilliant green.This will help reduce the risk of wound infection.

wipes that cover a burn, can be dipped in solutions with antiseptic effect, such as chlorhexidine, furatsilina.It is also well to the use of a decoction or infusion of herb St. John's wort.But we should not burn too heavily moisturize the surface, that is. To. It slows down the healing process.On the surface

I degree burns (redness) and the skin around the bladder (II degree) is recommended to apply an ointment or aerosol based panthenol.They contribute to the healing of burn wounds and restore the skin.Such a tool is good to have in the home medicine cabinet, especially if a family has a child.Permissible to apply ointment Vishnevsky, Levomekol and other similar agents with antimicrobial and wound-healing effect.Such funds do not need to apply to the skin immediately after a burn, it is necessary to wait for the calming down of the first, the most acute manifestations of trauma.

Lubricating oil burns without the advice of a doctor is not necessary.Of course, in some cases, such means are well help.Nevertheless, oil packs can cause burns on the surface of the multiplication of pathogens, as well as inhibit the repair processes of the skin.After consulting with the doctor allowed the use of sea buckthorn oil or oily solution of vitamin E daily

should monitor the status of the burn wound, timely change bandages, follow the general well-being of the victim.Any deterioration in the general or local condition should seek medical advice.Sometimes procrastination risk of serious complications, up to severe burn patients, burn infection, purulent lesions in various organs.Burn depletion may even lead to death of the patient.Any burn - it is a serious injury.If unsure it is best not to risk within and without the control treatment specialist.

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