Diet in cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver - an incurable disease, most often it develops in the background of diseases such as chronic viral hepatitis, alcoholic or fatty liver disease, and others. Dieting with cirrhosis of the liver - is not just a recommendation, and one way of maintenance therapy.Eating disorders and non-drug treatment may lead to severe complications and death of the patient.

basis of the diet in cirrhosis of the liver - a complex carbohydrate.They should ensure that the energy needs of the body.Depending on the course of the disease diet may be somewhat different, changing the consumption of proteins, fluids and salt.It should be remembered that the protein - a building material for the cells, including the liver, so the protein is limited or completely eliminated only with severe hepatic impairment.The diet greatly reduced the amount of animal fats, it is desirable to eliminate them completely.

diet for a couple of tsirroze_na dishes prepared exclusively for a couple, cooked or baked in the oven in foil or a special package f

or the preparation of dietary dishes.Diet fractional, food must be taken in small portions 5-6 times a day, meals should be warm.The amount of salt is limited to 8-10 g per day should also keep drinking regime.The day you should drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid.

In compensated cirrhosis, when she was still able to cope with its functions, the amount of protein in the diet is not limited to, all the amino acids the body needs to maintain the functions of other organs and provide the regenerative processes in the liver cells.When ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdomen), the amount of fluid intake is reduced to 1 liter per day, and the amount of salt should be reduced to 2-3, the

is deteriorating and decompensated cirrhosis should see a doctor.If the results of the analysis revealed a violation of detoxification of the liver, it is necessary to reduce consumption of protein, because it is when it is splitting for the body produces toxic compounds of ammonia.And limited the amount of vegetable fats.With progressive deterioration of the protein can be removed completely, and the amount of fluid intake should not exceed 500-600 ml.

from the diet is necessary to completely eliminate fatty meats, poultry and fish by-products and their products, sausages, canned food, smoked meat and fish specialties, caviar.Excluded are also fat dairy products, butter, margarine, sharp cheeses.Do not eat hard-boiled eggs or fried.

excluded soups, cooked on fatty meat and fish broth, hash, sour soup, mushroom soup.

cleaned vegetables from the diet containing coarse fiber (cabbage, radish, turnip), as well as onions, garlic, horseradish.Although legumes contain a sufficiently large amount of the plant protein, they should also be excluded from the diet.In cirrhosis of the liver can not be added to dishes spices and herbs.

should also limit or exclude fresh bread, pastries, and from fancy pastry, confectionery, chocolate, cocoa, sugar, sugary soft drinks, black coffee.It is strictly forbidden to drink any alcoholic beverages.

diet for tsirroze_moreprodukty Because you must provide the body with high-grade protein in the diet must be present meat and fish.Meat is necessary to choose low-fat beef, rabbit, turkey, fish should be lean varieties (cod, saffron cod, pollack, bass river, pike, etc.).A large amount of protein (with a minimum fat content) was also found in mussels, prawns, squid, octopus, crayfish and crabs.

should first cook on weak secondary low-fat broth, ideal vegetarian or dairy soups.The diet must be present dairy products, but they must be completely free of grease or with a very low fat content.It is useful to have a low-fat cottage cheese, drink fermented baked milk, yogurt, kefir.Also allowed to use eggs, but not more than 1 egg yolk a day, as well as omelettes cooked or boiled.

In cirrhosis of the liver as a source of energy for the body are the complex carbohydrates, so the diet must be present various cereals (buckwheat, rice, semolina, barley, barley, millet, etc.).The diet must contain lots of vegetables and fruits.The source of fat is allowed to use small amounts of vegetable oils.It is useful to add to the diet thistle oil, because the addition of nutrients that are present in all vegetable oils, it contains silymarin.This substance promotes healthy liver.

allowed to drink rather weak black and herbal teas, broth hips, chicory, sour fresh juices, diluted with water, fruit drinks, jelly, mineral water prescribed by a doctor.In moderation you can eat sweets such as marshmallows, candy, marmalade, jam, jam, honey.

use of herbs and spices in the preparation of dietetic food is not allowed, so in order to improve the taste of food, can be added to them, lemon juice, tomato sauce (without spices), bay leaves, cumin, coriander, thyme, basil, mint andother herbs, may be the addition of dried onions and garlic.

the basic rules of diet in cirrhosis says the program "Live healthy!»:

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