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Chondroprotectors for joints: Overview

one of the leading groups of drugs used to treat diseases of the joints, are chondroprotectors.To be precise, use them in degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system - such as osteoarthritis, low back pain and the like.The basis for these diseases is a metabolic disorder in cartilage, eventually leading to its destruction.Hondroprotektory used to inhibit the degenerative processes and to some extent the recovery of hyaline cartilage.


  • 1 structure and metabolism of cartilage: basic information
  • 2 How do chondroprotectors
  • 3 Classification chondroprotectors
  • 4 Indications and contraindications to the use of chondroprotectors
  • 5 Side effects chondroprotectors
  • 6 Glucosamine (artifleks, artron flex, glucosamine Orion DON)
  • 7 Chondroitin sulfate (structum, artifleks chondrules artron-hondreks, mukosat, hondrofleks)
  • 8 hyaluronic acid (singial, hyalgan)
  • 9 Combination products - chondroprotectors third generation
  • 10 Alflutop
  • 11 rumalon
  • 12 diacerein (flektserin, artrodar, diamaks, ortserin)
  • 13 Unsaponifiable compounds oils of avocado and soybean (Piaskledin 300)
  • 14 Zinaksin
  • 15 Homeopathic medicines

Cartilage tissue is a type of connective tissue, the main structural elements are the cells chondrocytes locatedin the intercellular substance (matrix).Matrix is ​​represented by loose connective tissue fibers formed from glycosaminoglycans;as it consists of collagen type 2 and hyaluronic acid.The last two components are produced by chondrocytes through a series of biochemical reactions, for which successful implementation requires vitamins, minerals, enzymes, energy, as well as components of glycosaminoglycans, among which the main role played by glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin and keratan.Glycosaminoglycans, connected by means of protein bonds form even larger structures - proteoglycans that act as shock absorbers, fully regains its shape after mechanical compression.

If catabolism (disintegration, conversion) active matrix components dominate over the processes of anabolism (synthesis), the structure of cartilage is disturbed, suffering and joint function.Furthermore, such a joint is increased production of substances that trigger the inflammation: cyclooxygenase, cytokines (particularly IL-1?).The latter, moreover, hinders the process of synthesis of proteoglycans and collagen and stimulates the production and release of leukotrienes and prostaglandins.As a result of the structure and function of articular cartilage has been severely violated, inflammation it becomes more intense.Due to the lack of glucosamine and chondroitin joint above changes are expressed as much as possible.

at any stage of a degenerative joint disease shows the assignment of this group of drugs, because they have a positive impact on its structure: the control of the disease, stabilize, and in some cases subjected to regression of the changes are available in the tissues of the joint, by correcting metabolism in it.

chondroprotectors The effect is to increase the anabolic activity of cartilage cells and inhibition of the damaging effects on him anti-inflammatory substances.Various drugs have their own, different from other effects, more they will be discussed below.

According to modern classification, all chondroprotectors divided into four generations:

To date, the most studied hondroprotektorami are chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine.

Preparations of this group are effective in treating the following conditions:

Do not take chondroprotectors with individual hypersensitivity of the patient to these drugs, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

While taking drugs of this group may develop the following adverse reactions:

Let us consider the most common representatives of the group chondroprotectors.

Chondroprotectors for joints Method of production:

This drug has many beneficial effects on the structure of cartilage:

Thus, chondroitin slows the degenerative processes in the joints in their pathology, improve their functioning, reduces inflammation and severity of pain in the joints.

recommended to use inside of 1.5 g per day in one portion or intramuscularly 1 time per day.Minimum course of treatment is 6 weeks, but chronic diseases of the joints is recommended to take a long time - 3-4 month course of continuous, repeating it twice a year.Some doctors recommend that their patients take chondroitin 6 consecutive months, the next six months to take a break, then start another course of six months, and so constantly.

release form:

biological effect of chondroitin in relation to the joint structures are:

Chondroprotectors for joints After oral medication is absorbed gastrointestinal tract, the maximum concentration in the blood is determined after 4 hours.It accumulates in synovial fluid.Return with faeces and urine.

recommended to be taken orally at 500 mg (1 capsule) twice daily.The capsule is swallowed without chewing, washed down with plenty of water.The course of treatment - 3-6 months.

parenterally administered as an intramuscular injection - 1-2 ml every other day.The course of treatment is 20-35 injections.Six months after the provision of the previous course is recommended to start the next.

as an ointment or gel applied topically - is applied to the skin over the area of ​​inflammation, rubbed in for 2-3 minutes.The multiplicity of application - 2-4 times a day.

contraindications to the drug other than those specified in the general part are also the tendency to bleeding, thrombophlebitis, and severe renal impairment.

release form - injection.

preparation for the replacement of the joint fluid.It acts as a shock absorber, reduces inflammation and provides an analgesic effect.

injected directly into the joint capsule, after a single injection is held there for 4-5 days.It is metabolized in the liver.Excreted as carbon dioxide and water.

Chondroprotectors for joints recommended to enter into the joint capsule of 2 ml of the drug every 7 days, 3 weeks in a row.In some cases, the dose and frequency of injections administered varies.

of the side effects than other drugs, it should be noted the possible development of a number of patients the symptoms of shock.Also may develop allergic reactions to the drug.Local sometimes there are short-term pain, swelling, swelling, burning sensation and local pressure at the injection site.

are used very often, because the components contained within them, complement or enhance the positive effects of each other.The main ones are:

release form - injection.

Chondroprotectors for joints This product contains a biologically active concentrate from small sea fish, which is composed of chondroitin sulfate, carbohydrates, amino acids, glycerophospholipids, minerals and other substances.

Adjusts cartilage metabolism.Activates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, inhibits the formation of substances involved in the process of destruction of the extracellular matrix.Furthermore, it inhibits the formation of prostaglandins and cytokines that cause inflammation, resulting in reduced pain and swelling of the joint.

Enter Alflutop deep intramuscular injection of 1 ml of 1 times per day.Duration of treatment - 3 weeks.

possible to introduce the drug directly into the joint - 1-2 ml every 3 days.The treatment course - five injections in each major sore joint.

Side effects other than the above-described characteristic of chondroprotectors: local side effects such as pain, bloating, burning sensation at the site of injection.

release form - injection.

Chondroprotectors for joints drug animal - an extract of cartilage of the bone marrow of calves.Like other chondroprotectors, normalizes metabolism in articular cartilage, slow down the process of joint destruction by stimulating regeneration and removing inflammation.

is used exclusively by intramuscular injection.Administered starting with 0.3 mL daily increasing the dose until a maximum of 0.2 ml - 1 ml, which is administered every day, and one time in three days (variant - 2 ml, 2 times a week. The treatment effect is manifested normally notimmediately, but after two or three weeks after the start of treatment. The duration of the course - 25 injections of 1 ml or 2 ml of 15. The course of treatment is repeated 2-3 times a god.V some cases after the sixth injection, patients reported some increased pain in the joints -this phenomenon does not require special correction and passes independently.

release form - capsules of 50 mg of active substance.

Chondroprotectors for joints Counts as chondroprotector and NSAIDs. It stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans. Inhibits the production of myeloperoxidase, interleukin1, glucuronidase and elastase involved in the process of destruction of the articular cartilage. Reduces inflammation of the synovium.

effect of receiving diacerein is noticeable immediately, but after 1.5 months.its systemic administration and lasts 2-3 months after discontinuation of the drug.

recommended to take 1 capsule 2 times a day.The course of treatment is 3 months to several years.

Precautions should be taken medication to persons suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

release form - capsule.

Chondroprotectors for joints This drug has on the articular cartilage several positive effects, which resulted in the slowing down processes of its degeneration, and the structure of the extracellular matrix to some extent restored.Besides Rheumatology preparation and use in the treatment of periodontal disease because it has the ability to reduce inflammation in the gums and bleeding them.

Piaskledin recommended to take 1 capsule once a day with meals.Wash down with plenty of water.Duration of treatment is determined individually by the attending physician.

Do not take the drug if the patient allergies to soy or peanuts.Studies of the drug in pregnant women and nursing mothers have not been conducted, so not to cause harm to the fetus or infant should not take it during these periods.

release form - soft capsules.

Chondroprotectors for joints integral component of this drug are extracts of ginger and Alpina.

slows down the process of degeneration of the cartilage, improves metabolism in it, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

recommended to be taken orally with meals, 1 capsule 1-2 times a day, drinking plenty of water.After 2 months of continuous administration of the dose should be reduced by half, t. E. Take 1 capsule per day.The course of treatment lasting up to 6 months.It is recommended to repeat it every year.

side effects and contraindications are similar to those of other drugs of chondroprotectors.

Chondroprotectors for joints There are several drugs used in diseases of the joints, but is not related to traditional medicine and homeopathy.

These drugs are virtually 100% of the multicomponent pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers are positioned as a very effective and safe to use.Note, however, that homeopathic remedies do not pass the whole range of necessary studies and often do not have sufficient evidence, their action (therapeutic value and side effects) is on the body can not be foreseen.Despite this, many patients and some experts prefer to cure it with drugs such, considering them more effective.The most commonly used are the following:

In conclusion we can say that drugs with chondroprotective action, as you have seen a lot, and they have a sufficient level of safety for many patients.

Please note that the names and dosages of drugs given by us for informational purposes only, and to assign a particular drug, taking into account the overall health of the patient can be a doctor.

Here controversial opinion on the effects of drugs of this group:

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