How to cure cracked heels?

cracked heels - not just a cosmetic problem, but also a constant source of discomfort and pain.Initially, the heel portion is formed dry and hard skin, which eventually begins to peel off and covered with small cracks.This part of the body is constantly tugged load and initially slight damage to become deeper and more.Over time, cracks can become infected and inflamed, constantly reminding yourself of the cutting and stitching pains.

This problem often makes itself felt in the summer, but it is possible her appearance in other seasons.After the appearance of deep and inflamed cracks on the heels of a man with difficulty given each step, and wearing shoes can become unbearable.To solve this problem and get rid of exhausting pain will help our article, in which we describe the causes and treatment of cracks on the heels.


  • 1 why there are cracks on the heels?
  • 2 Can cause fungal infection of cracks on the heels?
  • 3 Why should begin treatment of cracks on the heels?
  • 4 First aid for cracked heels
  • 5 Treatment of cracks on the heels of a doctor
  • 6 Folk remedies for treating cracked heels

skin on the heels should be smooth, elastic and durableand large - that it accounts for the main burden of all our weight when walking.Loss of elasticity leads to a microdamage that under load, dirt, perspiration and infection increase in size and become cracked.

loss of strength and elasticity of the skin at the site of the body caused by dryness of the skin (for example, in the summer people walking barefoot on hot sand or wearing open shoes).Under the influence of external and internal factors of the upper layers of the skin dried and rough and chapped skin thick crack under load.

drying and rough skin on heels, and hence their cracking, can contribute to such internal and external factors:

Fungal diseases feet do not cause the formation of cracks on the heels, but these problems can occur simultaneously.In this neighborhood may indicate:

If any such indication is not necessary to engage in self - handling to the dermatologist can help you cope with this problem in a quick time and prevent relapse.

At detection of cracks on the heels should think about what kind of external cause could cause them.Its elimination is able to save you from this problem.

When the first cracks in the heels you can manually take a number of measures for their treatment:

2-3 weeks you will notice the positive effects of such events.

If the above methods do not help, you should seek professional help.Dermatologist will help determine the cause of the formation of cracks on the heels and prescribe appropriate treatment.If necessary, it can send you to a consultation with an endocrinologist or gastroenterologist.

In identifying a number of skin diseases and fungal dermatologist will be able to designate a course of special treatment and give advice on foot care.In some cases, especially deep cracks that can form in diabetes and other serious diseases, patients are advised to antibiotic ointments.

to treat cracked heels can be applied various recipes of traditional medicine.These tools are recommended by many doctors and dermatologists, but only in cases where this problem is compounded by complications (severe inflammation or suppuration).

Traditional medicine offers a variety of recipes for treating cracked heels:

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Baths in the infusion of nettle - 2 tablespoons herb pour a liter of boiling water and cover the container with warm towel.Wait until the cooling infusion, strain and use the warm infusion for baths, which should be done for 15-20 minutes.Wipe his feet and put on crack 2% -ing ointment with salicylic acid.On the skin of the feet, apply a rich cream and massage.These daily routines result will please you in a week.

Baths with potato starch - per liter of warm water, add 2 tablespoons of starch and stir.Before going to sleep in this solution rasparte feet, rinse with clean water and rub with a pumice stone.Dry feet with a towel, apply a rich cream and at night, wear cotton socks.Baths do every day - in a week will be noticeable results.

compress oatmeal and flaxseed oil - Boil water oatmeal or cereal, porridge, add a large portion of linseed oil, mix, split into two parts and reload in a plastic bag.Put them on your feet and Insulate warm cloth.After 2 hours, remove, wash your feet in warm water, dry and apply a rich cream.For a significant improvement of the skin heels and feet is necessary to conduct such procedures 3-5.

compress honey and cabbage - bedtime skin rasparte feet in the bath and dry with a towel, rub honey cracked heels and attach a cabbage leaf.Fix the bandage and put on socks.In the morning remove the wrap and rinse off the honey with warm water.The procedure is repeated until the disappearance of cracks.

compress the milk and leaves his mother and stepmother - boil a cup of milk and add 2 tablespoons of finely chopped Tolowa Language leaf grass.The capacity to move in a water bath and leave for about an hour.Cool slurry of mother and stepmother, apply a thin layer on the gauze and apply to crack for half an hour.Repeat daily until skin healing.

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Use these popular recipes on a regular basis - the result of their applications will delight you.If after a week's use of a tool, you do not notice the improvements or the skin on the heels blushed, abscesses and much pain - do not delay a visit to a dermatologist and follow all his recommendations for treatment.

cracked heels can deliver a lot of trouble to the owner and become a gateway for the introduction of infection.Be sure to enjoy a removal of this problem!After getting rid of the cracks do not forget that the best measure of prevention of their reappearance will be activities for continuous foot care.Warm foot baths, regular exfoliation, moisturizing and nourishing creams, wearing comfortable shoes - all this will help you to forget about the discomfort of cracked heels, that you have experienced before.

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