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Osteoarthritis of the hip: the symptoms, treatment and prevention

hip joint is the largest articulation of the body.It has a configuration of the hinge, which allows to make movements in different planes.At the same time, the joint is surrounded by strong ligaments and muscles.Hip joints assume the main burden for walking, running, carry heavy loads.Coxarthrosis (another name for osteoarthritis of the hip) is quite common in people as the elderly and young.Once started, it can remain undiagnosed for a long time, because it does not occur immediately apparent limitation of movement of the thigh.

Often patients are not examined by a doctor or not setting out all complaints, start to treat lumbosacral osteochondrosis and arthrosis of the knee joints without visible effect.Meanwhile, untreated illness progresses to lameness, constant pain, short legs, it is impossible to make the folds-straightening.A treatment at this stage can only be operative, it is necessary to have a joint prosthesis.


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Primary arthrosiship develops most often in people aged over 40 years.Its causes are not known.Hyaline cartilage covering the joint surfaces and provides a slip begins to thin and collapses.Because of increased friction and pressure on the bones they appear bony outgrowths.The joint deformation, limited movement in it.In primary coxarthrosis are often overwhelmed and knee joints, and spine.

Secondary osteoarthritis develops in the background of various diseases:

To prevent the disease and its early diagnosis is important to know the signs of incipient osteoarthritis of the hip (coxarthrosis 1st stage):

When arthrosis 2nd stage symptoms are more pronounced:

Osteoarthritis of the hipjoint 3rd stage is diagnosed easily, it has a pronounced symptoms:

The diagnosis is very important clarification of subjective complaints, medical history, assessment of symptoms, as well as to clarify the stage - X-ray, CT and MRI.Computed tomography allows a detailed study of the bone structure of the hip, and a magnetic resonance method visualises soft tissue, the condition of the joint capsule, the presence of synovitis.

coxarthrosis therapy depends on the stage of the process and, in most cases, includes a set of procedures.Of course, the sooner treatment is started, the greater its effectiveness.

prevention measures are very important, especially if you have a history of hip dysplasia, fractures, bruises or severe suppurative processes in this area.

Compliance with preventive measures, early detection and adequate koksartroza its treatment - the key to a positive prognosis for this disease.

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