Symptoms of acute gastritis

Acute gastritis is an acute inflammation of the stomach, which can be caused by the influence of some strong stimuli received into the stomach from the outside, or in violation of the general condition of the body: acute infections, abdominal trauma and some other diseases.

symptoms of acute gastritis are varied and largely depend on the type and severity of gastritis inflammation.


  • 1 Types of acute gastritis
  • 2 causes of acute gastritis
  • 3 symptoms of acute gastritis, depending on the type and causes inflammation
    • 3.1 Gastritis simple nutritional
    • 3.2 allergic gastritis
    • 3.3 food poisoning
    • 3.4 corrosive gastritis
    • 3.5 Acute fibrinous gastritis
    • 3.6 Acute phlegmonous gastritis
  • 4 Conclusion

Dependingthe type of inflammation following variants of acute gastritis:

According to the etiology of acute gastritis are:

Exogenous gastritis often arise as a result of the following factors:
Alimentary gastritis - in the use of unusual food, or in violatio

n of the diet, as well as overeating.
Drug gastritis - ingestion of certain drugs.
Symptoms of acute gastritis allergic gastritis - in the presence of food allergens.The inflammatory response in this case may be local (on the type of contact dermatitis) or be of a general nature.
of food-borne poisoning food , containing various microorganisms: Salmonella, Staphylococcus, etc.
Traumatic gastritis - ingestion of alkalis, acids, causing burns or mucous membrane exposure to extreme temperatures, mechanical damage.
most common causes of gastritis endogenous are as follows:

usually develops after 2-6 hours of taking substandard food, overeating or action of stress factors.Characterized by:

Language can be dry, with a white or grayish bloom, and marked tenderness on pressure in the arm pit of the stomach (epigastric).

Symptoms of acute gastritis Acute allergic gastritis is also characterized by a feeling of nausea, heaviness in the epigastric region, abdominal pain, vomiting.However, compared with other types of gastritis develops more rapidly, and signs of inflammation can occur almost immediately after exposure of the gastric mucosa to an allergen.

As a rule, does not occur in the form of independent and runs on the background allergic inflammation of other parts of the gastrointestinal tract, which can be accompanied by constipation, diarrhea, flatulence.Increased temperature in this type of inflammation of the stomach is very rare.
Other symptoms that are commonly observed in allergic acute gastritis:

presence of those or other symptoms of acute gastritis with food poisoning depends on the severity of the process and the nature of the pathogen.Common symptoms are:

Vomiting in this case can acquire an indomitable character, be repeated, accompanied by cramping abdominal pain.When food poisoning in the process of inflammation is usually involved not only the stomach, but the intestines.

This type of gastritis occurs when the stomach get aggressive liquids, which have a devastating effect on the mucous membrane: concentrated acids, alkalis, salts of heavy metals, etc.

In this case, there is massive necrosis of portions of the inner shells of the stomach, with the formation of ulcers, erosions and perforations of the stomach wall.

corrosive gastritis is often accompanied by intoxication syndrome, neuropsychiatric disorders, pain shock, development of perforations suffocation due to edema of the larynx.

This type of acute gastritis is rare and is characterized by the same symptoms as acute.

fibrinous gastritis develops diseases such as sepsis, scarlet fever or poisoning of certain chemicals.

This form of gastritis is a purulent inflammation of the stomach, which occurs when stomach cancer, sepsis, traumatic injury to the stomach wall.
most characteristic symptoms of this form of gastritis:

symptoms of acute gastritis, as well as the reasons why he had been called, can be very diverse.Although many of these symptoms the person is able to find at home, it should be cause for an urgent visit to the doctor, not the signal for self-healing.

With proper and adequate treatment of simple acute gastritis may go unnoticed during the week, and other types of gastritis leave much less complications in a timely and competent treatment specialist.

correction power to help cope with gastritis:

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