Saddle uterus and pregnancy

Saddle uterus - pathology in the structure of the body, which is one of the varieties of bicornuate uterus.This disorder is characterized by deformation of the uterus that resembles a saddle.Most women with a defect structure of the uterus, are not even aware of its existence until such time as he accidentally found during examination for pregnancy (not necessarily the first), in the treatment of infertility or other diseases of the female reproductive system.Reveals saddle uterus using ultrasound, hysteroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging.

many women who in surveys learn about the saddle-shaped uterus, concern issues related to the possibility of pregnancy and gestation at such pathology.It should be noted that the severity of defect can be different from this is often dependent forecast pregnancy.

At the beginning of a normal uterine pregnancy should occur attachment of the ovum to the uterine wall.Severe saddle uterus can impede implantation of the embryo, because of that pregnancy can not occur.

In cases where the deformation body is weak, the attachment of the ovum is the same as in the uterus of the usual form.

course of pregnancy will also depend on how deformed the bottom of the uterus.Most often because there is a violation of the saddle attachment of the placenta to the uterine wall, because in most cases it is attached to the bottom of the uterus.Possible low or lateral placentation that could face premature detachment of the placenta and the development of bleeding.Saddle-shaped uterus can also affect the location of the fetus in her.Since the space in the deformed uterus is smaller than in the uterus of the normal form, the child may take the wrong position (transverse or oblique).In this situation, delivery is the natural way can be dangerous for both mother and child, or even impossible.

Many pregnant women who have found a saddle of the uterus, are concerned about what their child is developing in conditions that are considered to be not quite normal.This kind of excitement is not justified, as the child develops absolutely normal, and in the event of complications suffered no more than if developed in the womb of the usual form.

If a woman with a uterus saddle failed to inform pregnant, you should take special care to the choice of method of delivery, since the structure of the anomalies of the body may cause complications during childbirth.

If the child is normally developed pregnancy proceeded without any complications and there are no other indications for cesarean section, women are allowed to give birth alone.However, during childbirth doctor may decide to change the conservative obstetric tactics to operational, if complications arise.

most frequent complications during childbirth and the postpartum period in women with a uterus saddle arise precisely because of its irregular shape.Disrupts the normal contractile activity of the body, which is essential during birth, leaving may have persistent weakness and discoordination labor.In this case, in the absence of the effect of the medication the doctor decides on an emergency delivery by surgery.Planned caesarean section indicated for women who have been the wrong position of the fetus in the uterus.

possible complications and in the postpartum period, the mechanism of which is the same as for violations of labor.Women may develop hypotonic and atonic bleeding associated with the fact that the uterus after childbirth can not normally be reduced.

Pregnant women diagnosed with saddle-shaped uterus, from the earliest stages of pregnancy should be under close medical supervision.When even the most minor violations, they should immediately seek help in maternity homes.Question about the tactics of delivery in these women usually decided in advance.

correction of defects in the structure of the body is possible only surgically.Surgical treatment is applied only if the saddle of the uterus is the cause of infertility or recurrent miscarriage.Reconstruction of the uterus in most cases is done at hysteroscopy through natural paths, cuts on the body of a woman is not made.As a result of this operation the chance of pregnancy and its normal flow increased more than tenfold.

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