Acute pancreatitis: symptoms, diagnosis and first aid

Pronounced symptoms of acute pancreatitis demonstrates the seriousness of this disease.It not only gives patients the physical suffering, sometimes unbearable, but can be life-threatening.Some patients can save a timely surgical intervention.Therefore, at the slightest suspicion on the development of acute pancreatitis should not wait for that "everything will somehow pass", and immediately contact the professionals.These experts are the only surgeons.


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In acute pancreatitis inpancreas, a strong inflammation.It develops as a result of excessive activation of its own enzymes produced in the body of this norm.But aggressive substances instead of digested food components gland itself (autolysis), leading to its inflammation, swelling and destruction.

Acute pancreatitis: symptoms, diagnosis and first aid disease catches up with mostly people aged 30 to 60 years, among them women predominate.Unlike his fellow chronic in mild acute pancreatitis may be reversibl

e.Struck by illness pancreatic tissue is completely restored without any degenerative changes.But, alas, in the case of severe and / or lightning forms up to 20% of patients die.

His appearance acute pancreatitis may be required by various factors.For some patients there is a combination of several of them.The most common causes are:

much less acute pancreatitis associated with:

In 10% of patients, even after thorough examination it is impossible to establish the exact cause of acute pancreatitis.

Acute pancreatitis: symptoms, diagnosis and first aid acute pancreatitis inherent sudden onset.Often the disease first manifests itself during the night (especially after the feast).Intensity emerging clinical manifestations depend on the severity of necrotic changes (destruction of the gland), because death is fine and macrofocal (when affected some parts of the pancreatic tissue) or total (loss of all body).Typically, patients are concerned most of the following symptoms:

the presence of these clinical signs of the patient should be sent to the hospital with a surgical department, as laymen may underestimate the urgency of the situation, and an experienced medical eye with rapid examination of the patient will notice:

When probing (palpation) doctor will determine pain and muscle tension in specific just for pancreatic points and zones of the abdomen.When severe swelling of the pancreas can even be palpated himself sick organ.

preliminary diagnosis must be supported by the results of laboratory and instrumental examination.Given the urgency and seriousness of the suspected disease, diagnostic procedures should be performed in the clinic.Patients may need:

The best first aid in case of acute pancreatitis is emergency hospitalization in a surgical focus, or even in the emergency room, because the sooner start adequate treatment, the easier it is to suppress the terrible disease.

Before the arrival of the patient to the doctors strictly forbidden any food (and solid and liquid) and even drink, or food components more aggressive activating enzymes, mercilessly destroying and so suffered the pancreas.Any amateur with drugs highly undesirable.However, if absolutely unbearable pain, you can try to take antispasmodics (metacin, meteospazmil, ditsetel, Buscopan, Duspatalin et al.) And / or analgesics (baralgin, Nise, Nurofen, etc.).But with many familiar ice packs better to wait until the installation of the true nature of the disease.Cold can exacerbate vascular spasm and cramping.

The sooner the patient is taken to a hospital, the greater the chance to stop and heal disease.