Sudamen in children: Symptoms and Treatment

On warm spring days and hot summer, many children will appear redness and rash in the skin folds or in areas where the body tight clothes.Young parents do not always understand the reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon.Everything is explained easily: the child just became hot because of excessive wrapping, and he had a heat rash.

Miliariya (sudamen) - rash, which appears as a result of blockage of the sweat glands and is accompanied by redness and itching.If this state is "start", it will go into a diaper rash, and later in diaper dermatitis, and, as this disease is causing concern the child and violates his dream, it is important to find and eliminate the causes of prickly heat of the child, as well as the right to appoint treatment.


  • 1 reasons prickly heat
  • 2 Types prickly heat
  • 3 symptoms of prickly heat
  • 4 Complications prickly heat
  • 5 treatment of prickly heat
  • 6 Prevention prickly heat
  • 7 summary for parents

Miliaria occurs more often in children than in adu

lts.And this phenomenon contribute to several structural features of the baby's skin:

When the child becomes hot, blood vessels dilate, giving more heat to the outside, and the sweat glands produce a special secret to cool the skin.But this process is poorly developed brake ducts of sweat glands, which quickly clogged, not coping with a lot of secrets.So there is an inflammatory process, and visually on the skin appear small bubbles.

In months of age in children already work fine sweat glands, but their ducts formed six years.Therefore sudamen at three-year kids - is also not uncommon.But the smaller the child, the greater the risk of the onset of rash.

But there are categories of children who are more prone to the appearance of prickly heat than others.This kids suffering from such disorders:

Causes potnichkovoy rash can be divided into two groups: endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external).

Endogenous reasons include:

Exogenous causes:

Toddler require frequent bathing.Otherwise, his skin accumulate microorganisms, their metabolic products, as well as dust and exfoliated epithelial cells.This not only creates a wonderful environment for the further growth of bacteria, but also violates the thermoregulation and the evaporation of sweat from the skin.

Since children's skin is thin and richly supplied with blood vessels, the children can absorb up to 1% oxygen with it.But tight clothing, especially synthetic, as well as diapers, do not miss the air, so the skin stops breathing.

dense layer of cream that is poorly absorbed by the skin and leaves a greasy water-insoluble film, not only prevents the breathing of the skin, but also serves as an excellent environment for microbes.It also violates the mechanism of heat transfer and skin nourishment.Fat cream for child care in winter.In the summer it is better to use light, water-based creams, which are quickly absorbed and does not leave marks on the skin.

prickly heat can also cause the following reasons:

should also be borne in mind that sometimes prickly heat can be a symptom of other serious diseases - rickets or exudative-catarrhal diathesis.

Depending on the nature of rash disease has its own classification:

There are several types, but all of them are complicated, that is, with the addition of a secondary infection:

In most cases, heat rash does not cause serious discomfort to the child and appears only a rash on the skin.Still, the main symptoms of the disease should be aware of:

Miliaria can be either localized or generalized, it has spread to the whole body.

Favourite places rash:

Complications include diaper rash prickly heat, diaper dermatitis and infection microtraumas arising combing baby's skin.

accession secondary infection manifested by a number of new symptoms:

And if the usual heat rash can cope on their own, then the appearance of these symptoms, immediately seek medical attention.

for prickly heat treatment is necessary to eliminate the root cause of this unpleasant phenomenon, and to comply with several recommendations.This is enough to get rid of scars and prevent the development of complications:

And yet sometimes it is necessary to seek medical help.If the rash persists, bubbles began to be filled with turbid fluid and the baby fever, consulting a pediatrician is a must.

treatment of complications of prickly heat should only be complex.The doctor usually appoints the following groups of products:

well as local treatment in the form of compresses and ointments to the above groups of drugs to the affected skin.

Itching well remove soda lotion or warm baths with the addition of oat flour mill.

Water and soda solution to prepare simple: 1 teaspoon baking soda pour into a glass of water.Then moisten with a little clean cloth and apply it to the affected area.Once it is dry, the procedure can be repeated.

Preventive measures are simple and do not require significant effort on the part of parents:

Miliaria, although it is not a serious illness, can cause a lot of suffering to the kid.Prevent it from happening is much easier than to get rid of the rash have occurred.It should therefore be attentive to the instructions of local pediatrician to care for an infant.

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