Anemia iron deficiency: Symptoms and Treatment.

Vegetarianism and donation, nasal and hemorrhoid bleeding, heavy menstruation - all of which can cause a deficiency of iron in the body.According to some lack of iron is found in a quarter of the world's population.What causes iron deficiency anemia, as it manifests itself and what is treated, cover in this article.


  • 1 What role does the iron in the human body?
  • 2 As iron enters the body?
  • 3 What causes lead to iron deficiency?
  • 4 What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?
  • 5 How is anemia?
  • 6 How to treat iron deficiency anemia?
  • 7 How long you need to take iron supplements?

Iron - an integral part of haemoproteins whose main task - transport of gases.
hemoglobin in red blood cells brings oxygen to the tissues and carries carbon dioxide.
Myoglobin in skeletal muscle cells of the myocardium and transports oxygen to the cells and is involved in cellular respiration.
cytochrome oxidase in mitochondria cells involved in the utilization of oxygen.
Catalase regulates er

ythrocyte hydrogen peroxide, preventing the disintegration of cells in its excess.
the same function in the mucosa of the small intestine and leukocytes performs peroxidase .

with food, preferably animal origin, iron enters the intestine.Mucous
12 duodenal and jejunal captures iron and carries it into the blood vessels.
iron enters into an unstable compound with blood transport protein - transferrin and evacuated in the tissue - mainly spleen, liver, muscle, and bone marrow.In tissues
iron binds to proteins in developing hemoglobin (70% iron), myoglobin, cytochromes, etc. (0.6% iron) and an excess - in hemosiderin or ferritin (iron stock - 30%).

1) Blood loss:

2) Decreased intake of iron in the body:

3) Malabsorption

4) Violation of transport:

5) Increased need for iron:

1) Anemia.

violates the synthesis of hemoglobin and the amount in the blood decreases.

may be complaints of shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, headache, drowsiness and general weakness.

2) sideropenia

Stage 1: the body mobilizes iron reserve.Anemia no, no complaints can be identified ferritin deficiency in the investigation.
Stage 2: mobilized tissue and transport iron, hemoglobin synthesis saved.Anemia is not, there is dryness of the skin, muscle weakness, dizziness, symptoms of gastritis.The examination revealed a deficit reduction of serum iron and transferrin saturation.
Stage 3.Suffer all funds.Appears anemia, decreased hemoglobin, and then the red blood cells.

If the treatment is effective, then 10-12 days in the blood dramatically increases the number of young red blood cells - reticulocytes.
3-4 weeks increases hemoglobin.
After 1.5-2 months the complaints disappear.
Deficiency of iron in the tissues persists only after 3 months of continuous iron supplementation - so much, and should continue treatment.

Thus, iron deficiency anemia - a frequent and well studied, but rather offensive disorder.Low levels of hemoglobin - tip of the iceberg, revealing significant changes in tissues associated with iron deficiency.Fortunately, modern drugs can eliminate these problems - with the proviso that the treatment is brought to an end, and the reason, if possible, eliminated.

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