Transmission Overview for the treatment of hemorrhoids at home

Audio version of the article: Overview of hemorrhoids for treatment at home.Pharmacies are many drugs available for the treatment of hemorrhoids.The most common local protivogemorroidalnye funds provided in the form of ointments and suppositories, very often one drug produced in the two forms.The program we will talk about the most popular cures for hemorrhoids that can help in the treatment at home.

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1 candles and ointments for hemorrhoids
1.1 Candles and ointment Relief (Relief, Relief Advance, Relief Ultra)
1.2 Gemorol
1.3 Candles and ointment Proktozan
1.4 Candles Natalsid
1.5Candles and ointment Gepatrombin F
1.6 Candles and ointment Posterisan Forte
2 System drugs used for the treatment of hemorrhoids (Detraleks, Troxevasin, Ginkor Fort)
3 Laxatives hemorrhoids: funds on the basis of lactulose (Duphalac, Goodluck, Normase et al.)

General recommendations for the treatmen

t of hemorrhoids at home:

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