Psoriasis scalp treatment and review of drugs

psoriasis of the scalp is the most common, and that the disease may become an initial step in the development of other, more serious and complex forms of psoriasis.This ailment gives a lot of inconvenience and discomfort, and to treat it is necessary to use a variety of drugs and methods.

main clinical features of this disease are rose-red scaly and itchy spots, which are localized exclusively under the hair.Discovering these symptoms, be sure to seek medical help and start early treatment.In this article we will acquaint you with the basic principles of the treatment of psoriasis of the scalp, and drugs that can be used to deal with this unpleasant and progressive illness, distressing many men and women of different ages.


  • 1 Basic principles of treatment of psoriasis of the scalp
  • 2 funds for local treatment
  • 3 Shampoos
  • 4 General Medicine
  • 5 Physiotherapy and sanatoriumspa treatment

Psoriasis scalp treatment and review of drugs basic principle of treatment of psoriasis is aimed at suppressing the inflammatory re

action of the skin and the mechanisms that trigger these processes.The approach to treatment of this disease are always complex and individual.It takes into account:

The range of therapeutic measures may include:

For mild cases of psoriasis of the scalp and in the absence of progression in most cases it is sufficient to the appointment of local products (shampoos, gels, ointments, tar, etc.), And therapy is constantly progressive inflammatorythe process may require the use of a wider arsenal of pharmacological agents of different groups and physiotherapy techniques.

Depending on the stage of psoriasis of the scalp can be administered to a patient affecting skin and glucocorticoid drugs for topical application.

Psoriasis scalp treatment and review of drugs for external therapy can be used such drugs affecting skin and local media:

In more severe cases of psoriasis of the scalp to the patient may be recommended local preparations based on glucocorticoid hormones.Some of these except hormones also contain additional components that have beneficial effects on the skin.

By glucocorticoid for topical application include such drugs:

Ointments based on glucocorticoids have a more pronounced systemic effects and can be administered only by a physician after exclusion of all possible contraindications.

to treat psoriasis of the scalp is widely used special medicated shampoos based on different components.


The active ingredient of this shampoo (zinc pyrithione) has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal activity.Its use helps to normalize the activity of some enzymes, stabilizing cell membranes, a more rapid cleanse the skin from peeling, normalization of its fat and moisture.This tool can also be used by adults and children.

Psoriasis scalp treatment and review of drugs Friderm tar

The composition of this shampoo include coal tar, which is able to provide an astringent, vasoconstrictor, anti-fungal, dried and keratoplastic action.Due to the fact that the means may overdry scalp, it is recommended to use no more than twice a week.

Friderm zinc

The active ingredient of this shampoo (zinc pyrithione) and its other components eliminate peeling of the skin, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and antipruritic effect.Also this means has a beneficial effect on the hair and can be used for the treatment of seborrhea, alopecia, dermatitis and other diseases of the scalp.

Skvafan S

The composition of this shampoo include salicylic acid, oil juniper and red resorcinol.These components eliminate the irritation and itching of the skin, effectively eliminates peeling.After the shampoo, you can use additional means of skin care and hair - mask Skvafan.

Tan Tar

The active ingredient of the therapeutic agent is a purified birch tar, additional - allantoin and provitamin B5.It can be used to eliminate flaking and itching, it has antifungal and astringent.

T / Gel

This tar-based shampoo has the same properties as the Tana tar.According to numerous reviews of patients this tool is considered the most effective.

Naudet By

The composition of this shampoo include ihtiola, salicylic acid, oil of juniper and zinc pyrithione.This tool has a calming, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic action.After using the shampoo recommended emulsion Naudet K.

Kertiol S

The structure of this tool include: kertiol, salicylic acid and zinc tiosalitsilat.Using shampoo helps eliminate flaking and itching.After its application can be applied cream Kertiol S.

also in the treatment of psoriasis of the scalp can be used antifungal shampoos: in some cases they are effective and bring significant relief.

in more severe and progression of psoriasis of the scalp may be recommended to patients preparations for enteral or parenteral application.In most cases, therapy and complex treatment regimen selected for each patient individually.

The range of general therapy doctors can include such medications:

When infection damaged skin and related diseases that can cause exacerbation of psoriasis (pyoderma, sore throat, tonsillitis), the patient may be recommended antibiotics.

Physiotherapy treatment of psoriasis of the scalp can be assigned to the different stages of the disease.The complex medical procedures, doctors may include:

good results in the treatment of psoriasis climatotherapy provides.Patients with this disease may be recommended such resorts:

Spa treatment of psoriasis is held in remission of the disease and may include:

order to achieve more effective results a course of sanatorium treatment should be at least 28 days.

treatment of psoriasis of the scalp can take approximately one month and more: these figures are strictly individual and depend on the stage of the disease and the presence of comorbidities.Timely initiation of therapy and compliance with all recommendations of the physician to help patients with this unpleasant disease to achieve stable remission and prevent the progression of the disease.