Treatment of warts in women

Genital warts are a kind of warts that appear most often on the mucous membranes and on the skin of the genitals.That is why they are called genital warts.Occasionally they are found on the skin around the anus to the urethra, bladder, to the oral mucosa and in other locations.It provokes the appearance of warts human papilloma virus (subtypes 6 and 11).Infection occurs primarily through sexual contact, but the contact-household path of transmission is not excluded.


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Genital warts occur in places that may be injuredduring sexual intercourse.From the moment of HPV infection before the onset of the disease takes several weeks, and sometimes for several years, so to establish exactly what happened when the infection is almost impossible.

genitals begin to appear formation of solid or pale pink in size from 1 mm to several centimeters.Over time, these elements can increase in size, acquir

ing the form of cauliflower.

Women warts often localized on the labia, meatus, vestibule, in the vagina and on the cervix.Very often, these entities are located only on the internal reproductive organs and the woman learns about them only at a reception at the gynecologist.

main way to treat genital warts - their mechanical removal, which can be carried out by different methods.

Cryosurgery - a method for a long time used to remove genital warts and other wart with liquid nitrogen.The procedure gives the patient a little discomfort, so does not require anesthesia.Scarring on the skin and mucous membranes after her remains.With a large number of genital warts cryotherapy is conducted in several stages, the interval between treatments should be not less than one week.Following removal of warts is preferred.

Radio wave coagulation - a method of treatment using the so-called radiofrequency knife.The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and has a low risk of complications.

Removing warts with a laser and electrocautery method also performed under local anesthesia.After these procedures may cause scarring.

The use of drugs for the treatment of genital warts is possible with their small size.Treatment is carried out patient yourself at home, but examination and consultation gynecologist before starting compulsory.The choice of treatment in each case is determined by a doctor.

Podophyllotoxin (Kondilin) ​​- a preparation containing extract of plants of the genus Podophyllum, in its application necrosis of genital warts.Application is made by special applicator 2 times a day.After 3 days of use you must make a break for 4-7 days.Apply the medication should be strictly on the warts, avoiding contact with the surrounding skin.After applying the drug is often a burning sensation, pain and redness.Treatment should be continued until complete disappearance of the warts, but not more than 5 weeks.Treatment is carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Application podofillotoksina absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy.Women of reproductive age at the time of application of this drug is recommended rejection of sexuality or reliable contraception.

Solkoderm - drug, which is composed of several acids and other chemicals that are detrimental to the warts.The drug is applied with a trowel strictly to the wart, you should avoid getting the solution on the surrounding tissue.The drug is used once, re-use is allowed only with incomplete necrosis warts.The treatment is also carried out under the supervision of a doctor, in most cases, a gynecologist at the drug itself causes genital warts, because if used incorrectly can be formed burns and scars.

Human papilloma virus persists in the body for life, to date ways of killing the virus to be developed.All methods of removing warts are just symptomatic treatment, the infected person is always the possibility of new genital warts.The reappearance of warts registered in 30% of patients.

however reduce the risk of relapse is possible.It is necessary to strengthen the immune system and the elimination of factors that impair the body's natural resistance.Very often, local treatment of genital warts is combined with an immunostimulatory therapy.

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