Iron preparations for anemia - Overview

one of the trace elements necessary for normal functioning of the human body, is iron.It has a composition of proteins (myoglobin, hemoglobin, etc.), Various enzymes.Gland function is to bind oxygen and transporting it to the organs and tissues, the effect on the metabolism of vitamin B group, participated in the process of hematopoiesis.

the metal in the body gets from food.Absorbed in the duodenum.

human body experiences during certain periods of increased need for iron - such period is a period of growth, menstruation, pregnancy.


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If insufficient intake of iron in the body with food, as well as in certain diseases (such as acute and chronic blood loss, invasive pests, chronic diarrhea, which hinders

the absorption of the metal in the gut), and after the operation to remove the stomach - gastrectomy, the body lacks iron - iron deficiency anemia develops.About the symptoms of the disease, we will not speak, because this topic has been covered in one of the articles on our website.Let's talk about the treatment of the same, as follows: Consider a group of drugs form the basis of treatment of iron deficiency anemia - iron supplementation.

Thus, iron contained in pharmaceutical preparations in various forms - ferrous and ferric.Preparations ferrous absorbed and digested by the body much better than their counterparts trivalent.Formulations of divalent iron are generally used orally and trivalent - intravenous injection.To

iron supplements as best absorbed into the digestive tract, it is necessary that in the stomach there was a certain amount of free hydrochloric acid.This implies the need for the appointment along with iron supplementation of gastric juice in the case of lack of gastric secretory function, concomitant anemia.

Some substances entering the body simultaneously with the iron, increase its absorption.Among such substances - ascorbic acid and succinic acid, cysteine ​​and fructose.A number of other compounds at the reception of iron reduces its absorption.Among them - the calcium salt of phosphoric acid, tannin, and some drugs - Almagelum tetracycline.The use of these substances directly in the oral iron should be avoided.

As mentioned above, the direct indication for prescribing iron is iron deficiency anemia of any cause.Of course, the primary factor in its treatment is to eliminate the cause of the decrease in the level of iron in the body, well, follow the goal - the restoration of this level and the creation of micro-nutrient depot previously wasted.Iron supplements may apply and B12-deficiency anemia in parallel with taking cyanocobalamin.One condition: B12-deficiency anemia should be hypochromic (color index in the general analysis of blood of less than 0.8).

In most cases of iron deficiency anemia iron supplements is recommended to take in.Therapeutic dose of the drug is prescribed individually at the rate of 2 mg / kg body weight of the patient.This usually 100-200, at least - 300 mg per day.For maximum suction effect of this group of drugs are taken only during meals.

If a sufficient dose of the drug within a week after the start of treatment in the blood observed changes - increasing the number of reticulocytes.A month later, in some cases later - 1,5-2 months, there is an increase in hemoglobin.Improving the state of manifesting the disappearance or reduction of the severity of the patient's unpleasant symptoms of anemia, he said after a few days of regular treatment.

Patients should know that taking drugs of this group must be more than one to two weeks or even a month, but much longer.After normalization of hemoglobin and red blood cells treated with iron supplements continues to aim to replenish iron stores in the body - so to say, to fill the depot.This continues for several - at least 2 - months, but the dose while maintaining: less than 2 times of treatment.

While taking iron supplements per os (t. E. Orally) may develop these side effects:

In some cases, the intake of iron supplements is marked darkening of the teeth, associated with the formation of iron sulfide in the case of the interaction of iron located in the mouthhydrogen sulfide (eg, caries).To avoid this unpleasant effect, should be carefully rinse the mouth after administration of iron preparations or taking them through a tube (if the drug is administered in a liquid dosage form).

reception preparations containing iron, is contraindicated in the following cases:

carefully prescribed medications in this group with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, enteritis, ulcerative colitis.

not prescribe iron supplements along with medications that reduce gastric acidity, and tetracycline antibiotics group and D-penicillamine, because they prevent the absorption of iron in the digestive tract.

Iron preparations for parenteral administration used only with specific indications such as:

inject ing can not enter more than 100 mg of iron a day - the dose ensures complete saturation of transferrin.

For parenteral administration of iron-containing products may develop a number of serious complications:

at diagnosis of iron or B12 deficiency anemia drugs in this group are not contraindicated for pregnant women.Principles destination iron preparations in pregnancy is different from that of the period.The difference is the necessity of taking iron supplements to prevent anemia.Prophylactic dose varies depending on the starting hemoglobin and, when diagnosed with anemia - before, during pregnancy or non-existent.

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