Brown spots on the face: the causes, treatment

Each representative of the fairer sex tends to have a beautiful and healthy skin throughout life.But on the way to that dream frequent obstacles such as dark spots on the face.From them it is not so easy to get rid of, and they annoy his lady unaesthetic views.

Many naively believe that the appearance of pigmentation on the face is connected with the state of the skin and to fight only use cosmetic preparations.Typically, these methods are insufficient and do not fade or stain, fade or unimportant, or grieve his mistress steady progression.This unsuccessful struggle against them because their causes are many, and almost all of them are associated with disturbances in the functioning of the body.

In this article we will discuss the reasons for the appearance of age spots on the face and the different methods of getting rid of them, to treat them.This knowledge will allow you to look at this problem from a different perspective and take timely action to combat it.


  • 1 causes and types of p
    igmentation on the face
  • 2 treatment of pigmented spots on the face
  • 3 whitening skin with pigment spots
  • 4 Cosmetic procedures at the pigmented spots
  • 5 Cosmetics of pigment spots
  • 6 Traditional recipes of pigment spots

Brown spots may appear in young girls and women over 50. As a rule, their appearance is more likely over the age of 35-40 years.In rare cases, they are spontaneously more often to get rid of them requires considerable effort.

pigment spots is a portion of excessive accumulation of melanin: special pigment in different layers of the epidermis.When his deposition in the upper layer of the skin formed pale spots (eg, freckles or moles).They can be from light yellow to brown and, in most cases, not delivered to its owner a lot of trouble and experiences.

completely different look of hyperpigmentation, which are deposited in the deeper layers of the epidermis - the skin surface appears a spot of dark brown color (it may even rise above the surface of the skin).Such pigmentation more frustrating women and, in some cases, they are prevented (for example, apply makeup, put on or take off their clothes).

Brown spots on the face: the causes, treatment doctors are the following types of pigmentation:

What can cause elevated levels of melanin?The reasons for the appearance of age spots set.


This type of pigmentation is caused by genetic predisposition.Usually dark spots are already noticeable in infants, and can only be eliminated with the help of more powerful techniques (such as laser resurfacing).

hormonal diseases and changes

Brown spots saturated colors and irregular shapes can occur during menstruation, pregnancy, in the first year after childbirth or due to hormonal imbalance caused by the disease.Physicians are called chloasma or recommend anything special to take to address them.

In the case of diseases that cause hormonal imbalance, we recommend treatment of the underlying disease.The causes of endocrine pigmentation can become gynecological diseases, tumors of the pituitary gland, thyroid dysfunction, and others. After treatment of the underlying disease and normalization of hormonal women are considerably pale and fade.

skin trauma

Such pigmentation can be triggered by severe cases of acne, boils, chemical and thermal burns, failure of the peeling and other injuries.Their intensity depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and the depth of traumatic lesions.In some cases, local resources to address these age spots is not enough, we have to carry out comprehensive treatment.

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays

Brown spots of this type provoked by the aggressive exposure to sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet radiation.They often appear on the face of it, t. To. The skin of this area of ​​the body most delicate and vulnerable.Melanin is designed to protect the skin from burns and stains in a darker color, but the abuse of hiking in the solarium, or stay in an active sun in the daytime pigment layer can go smoothly.Particularly aggressive act spring sun, t. To. After winter skin of the face is partially depigmented.In some cases, the use of sunscreen can not protect it from the appearance of unsightly stains.You should not be under the direct rays of sun a day too long, morning and late afternoon hours is preferable.

kidney, liver, gall bladder and intestines

reddish spots appear in women with disorders in the bowel, brown - pathologies liver or gallbladder, tan - with kidney disease.Separate treatment is not required, turn pale and disappear in the appointment of a proper diet and normalization of the functions of internal organs.

nerve disorders, mental illness and frequent stress

Such pigmentation caused by metabolic and hormonal balance.The spots may be of various shapes and sizes.

Lack of vitamins or minerals

Enough common cause!The spots can be caused by inadequate intake of foods with vitamin C or copper.After the elimination of the deficit, they gradually disappear.


Sometimes patches of skin appear after long-term use of certain drugs.Most often they are caused by taking antibiotics.Be sure to contact your doctor and inform about the appearance of pigmentation, you replace or remove the drug.

Allergic reactions, improper use of skin care and cosmetics poor quality

rash and spots appear on the skin immediately after application of a cosmetic or other means.They can be triggered by essential oils, low-quality ingredients makeup, unnecessarily frequent cleansing.


Alas, often dark spots on the face and on his neck and hands can appear in the age of 40-45 years.They are caused by increased melanin production and its uneven distribution, hormonal changes and aging of the skin layers.Also, their appearance can be associated with the presence of chronic diseases, which with age becomes more.

appearance of pigmentation itself is in most cases not dangerous, but it always signals a failure in any of the body systems.If it appears necessary to reflect on the state of their health and undergo diagnostic testing.What will it be - determined by a physician.

OJ020-019 basic principle of treatment of pigmentation - eliminate their causes.For its detection may require counseling therapist, gynecologist, endocrinologist or gastroenterologist.Once diagnosed the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment of the underlying disease, which after getting rid of stains on the face or disappear spontaneously, or blackness, and get rid of them will be much easier.

Most women want to get rid of age spots, which spoil their appearance and use different methods to get rid of these unpleasant blemishes.

beautician can recommend many ways to address hyperpigmentation on the face:

as "bleach" hyperpigmentation can be used various materials:

These procedures may be performed only by a beautician or a dermatologist and are selected individually depending on the degree of pigmentation, localization, indications andcontraindications.

promote skin whitening:

To remove areas of pigmentation are most commonly used cosmetic bleaching creams.Dear women, the treatment of such funds should be under the supervision of a doctor, t. To. Unskillful use of them can cause the opposite effect - pigment spots become more, they contrast sharply with the basic tone of the skin.

doctor determine the type of bleaching cream and exclude possible contraindications to its use.Some cosmetics can not be used in diseases of the kidney or liver.Also, they are contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

as whitening cosmetics are used most often:

In some cases, when the surface of pigmented spots on the face, can help the time-tested traditional recipes of masks and lotions.

Traditional recipes soft enough effect on the skin, but in order to avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions, it is recommended before applying them to try to put the tool on a small patch of skin inner surface of the forearm.If after 15-20 minutes does not appear redness - means can be used.

After removal of pigmented spots on the face do not stop to take care of your health!Use sunscreen and time See your doctor to correct the underlying disease, eat properly, in early spring do not forget about preventive courses of vitamin C and niacin - all this will help prevent hyperpigmentation of the skin on the face, and your reflection in the mirror will always delight you.Your beauty - entirely in your hands!