Hydradenitis: Causes and Treatment

hydradenitis (popular name - "bitch udder") - purulent skin disease in which inflammation occurs in apocrine sweat glands as a result of penetration of infection.Most often hydradenitis it develops in the armpits, in the groin less.

This disease is most commonly diagnosed in adults aged 16 to 55 years, with more than 80% of patients - women.Hydradenitis never occurs in children and the elderly, as the glands begin to function in their teens and die away in the elderly.Let's speak about the causes of this phenomenon, and about what treatment is given by experts in the diagnosis of disease.


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causative agent of hidradenitis sup- often is Staphylococcus aureus, but it may be strep andother bacteria that enter the gland through its channels.Contributing factors include microtrauma of the skin, such as shaving, waxing, brushing, and the constant moisture of the skin

at a hyperhidrosis (it impairs the barrier function of the skin).

The disease occurs more often in women at times when the body is hormonal changes (puberty, menopause).Hydradenitis may occur at weakening the body's defenses, also predisposes to the development of the disease poor hygiene, endocrine diseases (diabetes, thyrotoxicosis), overweight.Hydradenitis: Causes and Treatment

defeat often unilateral, bilateral inflammatory process is rare.Hydradenitis begins with the appearance in the skin of small dense knots, patients feel soreness at the site of inflammation and itching.These nodules are rapidly increasing in size up to 1-1.5 cm, are dense, soldered with the skin, it appears on the surface.Units and the surrounding skin are burgundy-bluish, swollen and very painful.Multiple nodes can merge with each other to form large dense infiltrates like phlegmon.

Patients say a lot of pain in the area of ​​inflammation even at rest.There may be symptoms of general intoxication: fever, headache, and weakness.Further softening and opening suppurative node, this usually occurs within 7-10 days after the first signs of the disease.After opening the abscess condition of patients improves, local tenderness at the site of inflammation is reduced.Ulcer, formed at the site hidradenitis sup- heals on its place remains a scar drawn.Typically, the onset of illness until recovery takes place 2 weeks.

Hydradenitis: Causes and Treatment At untimely or incorrect treatment, poor personal hygiene, weakened immunity, in the inflammatory process may involve a number of apocrine glands are located, in which case the process takes prolonged relapsing course.In debilitated patients with inadequate treatment of complications may occur, such as cellulitis, abscess or septicemia and, in this case, has required surgical intervention.

main difference from hidradenitis sup- boils - this lack of necrotic core, parting at the opening of boils, which can occur anywhere on the body.

When symptoms of hidradenitis sup- should consult a doctor, can not engage in self-medicate because they may develop severe septic complications.

Patients are encouraged to eat a diet that excludes spicy, salty, pickled, fatty foods, spices, seasonings, alcohol, since these products increase sweating, which is undesirable when hidradenitis.Meals should be varied, balanced, rich in vitamins, minerals, protein.To strengthen the immune system is recommended supplementation with multivitamin complexes and natural adaptogens (Siberian ginseng, ginseng, lemongrass, etc.).In most cases, the patient is assigned to general antibiotic therapy, pain medicine, detoxification therapy.

is also necessary to pay attention to personal hygiene, the site of inflammation should always be clean and dry.At the time of treatment should abandon admission bath, shower wash is necessary to protect against water inflamed area of ​​skin.Of course, it is necessary to abandon the use of deodorants, creams and lotions for the body in this area.

Under infiltration held hidradenitis sup- conservative therapy.Leather treated with rubbing alcohol, 2% alcoholic solution of salicylic acid, and the iodine solution and brilliant green (brilliant green).It is also permitted to use the wet-drying poluspirtovyh bandages.Do not use bandages with ointments, compresses, and warm, as it may contribute to the spread of purulent process.

hydradenitis in the stage of suppuration requires surgical treatment.It should be a wide opening and drainage of the wound, followed by daily treatment with disinfectants and local antibiotics.In cases of recurrent course of illness, a radical surgery.To speed up the healing of surgical wounds intended physiotherapist can be used infrared or ultraviolet irradiation, laser and magnetic therapy.

hidradenitis sup- prevention is, first and foremost, in compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, shaving armpits and groin area should be used only with personal razor sharp blades.Cuts and small wounds in these areas should be treated with alcohol solutions.

tells the surgeon Alexei Maximov:

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