The first symptoms of syphilis

Treponema pallidum is adjacent to the man for millennia.Over the past three centuries, stage of development, symptoms and special forms of syphilis were studied and described in detail.However, cases of late detection of the disease still occur.Why is that?Try to understand this article, we'll talk about the first symptoms of syphilis .


  • 1 incubation period
  • 2 Primary syphilis
  • 3 Secondary syphilis

About three weeks (sometimes longer - up to six months, but almost never - less) infectious agent does not manifest itself.Not by their appearance or by blood tests can not determine that the infection occurred.

Sometimes the appearance of unusual erosion is alarming the patient, he turns to the doctor and get appropriate treatment.Sometimes unnoticed primary element (e.g., for localization in the cervix).But not so rare painless sore small occasion to refer to physicians becomes.She ignored and sometimes smeared with green paint or potassium permanganate, and a month later with a

sigh of relief - the ulcer disappears.This means that the primary stage of syphilis is passed, and in its place comes secondary syphilis.

This stage develops within 2.5-3 months after infection and lasts from two to four years.It is characterized by undulating eruptions, are themselves going through a month or two, leaving no trace on the skin.The patient was not worried about any itching or fever.
The most common rash is

In addition, secondary syphilis can be:

Unlike rashes, symptoms of secondary syphilis, these spontaneously disappear.

Alas, if the bright manifestation of secondary syphilis are not made fresh patient to seek help (and often such "allergy" Our people are ready to treat yourself), the less pronounced the more relapses remain unnoticed.And then, after 3-5 years after infection occurs Tertiary syphilis - but that's a topic for another article.

Thus, Treponema pallidum does not deliver to his master much trouble as pain, itching, or intoxication, and a rash, the more inclined to pass on their own, unfortunately, does not become an occasion for everyone to seek medical help.Meanwhile, these patients are contagious and the infection can be transmitted through sexual contact is not.Common dishes, linens, towel - and now the primary element puzzled looks at the new infected.

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