Sharp pain in the abdomen - causes and what to do?

Lower abdominal pain - one of the most common symptoms with which people go to the doctor, and the sudden emergence of a strong sharp abdominal pain often forced to call the brigade ambulance.Symptom this is very nonspecific, in most cases, accurate diagnosis may establish only physician on the basis of examination and investigation.For the diagnosis of the most important characteristics of pain, such as the localization of the pain, the events preceding the beginning of its accompanying symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc.), The relationship of pain to pregnancy or menstrual cycle in women.We should say about the localization of the pain: the pain does not always occur directly in the projection of the affected organ, which also complicates the diagnosis.


  • 1 Acute abdominal pain in women
  • 2 Severe pain in the abdomen during pregnancy
  • 3 Acute pain in the abdomen in men

Sudden severe pain in the bottomstomach and the men and women most often occurs in diseases of

the digestive and urinary systems.If you experience such symptoms may be suspected following diseases:

These diseases threaten the health and life of the patient, so the appearance of these symptoms should immediately seek medical attention or call an ambulance.Most often, they require urgent surgery, so self is unacceptable, it can lead to death.

conditions described above may equally occur in both men and women.Below we look at diseases that cause severe pain in the abdomen associated with the pathology of the sexual organs and the structural features of the genitourinary system in representatives of different sexes.

This symptom can occur as in pregnant and non-pregnant women.Diseases not related to pregnancy in which there is severe pain in the lower abdomen (but keep in mind that expectant mothers are also possible):

The first thing to mention an ectopic pregnancy, which occurs during implantation of the ovum outside the cavityuterus (fallopian tubes, cervix, abdomen, ovary).Acute abdominal pain occurs on the background of the early signs of pregnancy, or in their absence, rapidly increases may give into the rectum and increases during defecation.When you break the fallopian tube pain increases sharply, the woman's condition deteriorates rapidly, there may be bleeding from the genital tract.Women requires urgent surgical treatment.

emergence of severe pain in the abdomen at the established intrauterine pregnancy could indicate a threat of pregnancy, the appearance of this symptom, especially in cases of occurrence of bleeding from the genital tract, an urgent need to see a doctor, t. To. The symptoms may be indicative of the abortion has begun.With timely treatment for medical assistance have a chance to continue the pregnancy.

The cause of acute pain in the abdomen may be premature detachment of the placenta in normal pregnancy is a condition can occur after a fall or blow to the stomach.The pain may spread to the entire abdomen, to give back, rectum, bleeding may occur.Placental abruption is threatening the child's life, so after a fall or injury even in the absence of any symptoms should see a doctor for an examination.

sharp cramping pain in the abdomen at term may be no more than the contractions.Typically, the pain of birth-pangs growing slowly, but it happens that the birth begin suddenly, the fight growing rapidly, so the appearance of a lower abdominal pain should contact the maternity hospital.

If women occurrence of severe pain in the abdomen, in most cases related to gynecological problems, the men of this symptom in rare cases associated with diseases of the sexual sphere.Most references to the physician with severe pain in the lower abdomen is still associated with inflammatory processes in the lower digestive tract or urinary tract disease, as described above.

cause of male sharp abdominal pain may be acute inflammation in the prostate, testes and epididymis.These diseases are usually accompanied by other severe symptoms, which are essential for diagnosis.

Acute prostatitis, orchitis and orchiepididymitis may occur after an infection (influenza, scarlet fever, mumps, etc.) Or severe genital infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, and others.).Chronic diseases of the reproductive system appear blurred aching, worse aggravations, but pain is not very intense, and men rarely go to the doctor.

In acute prostatitis may be a sharp pain in the lower abdomen, perineum, it radiates into the rectum, scrotum, there may be difficulty urinating up to acute urinary retention, frequent urge to it, purulent discharge from the urethra, the signs of intoxication.

In acute inflammation of the testicles and their appendages abdominal pain is not usually the main symptom, but may still be present.In addition, the patient complains of severe pain in the testicles, scrotal swelling, expressed intoxication syndrome.

When symptoms such men need to address urgently to the urologist, t. To. You need serious treatment.

sudden sharp pain in the abdomen - it is always a cause for concern when it appears impossible to take analgesic drugs, as it may mask the true picture of the disease and complicate its diagnosis.You can receive antispasmodics (No-spa, drotaverine, Spazmol, papaverine, and others.) However, if after taking 1-2 tablets of improvement has not come, or well-being continues to worsen, immediately seek medical attention.

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