Keratosis pilaris: Causes and Treatment

keratosis pilaris - a fairly common skin disease is an inflammatory nature.Because of the peculiar appearance of the affected skin, the disease is popularly known as "pimples".The bumps appear on the skin due to the fact that the department of dead cells form the so-called "plug" in the mouth of the hair follicle.

disease inconvenience, so it is important to determine its causes and provide prompt treatment of keratosis pilaris.


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Causes of this disease are not known to date.The scientists found that keratosis pilaris - a congenital disease, and there is evidence that it is hereditary.Also known are certain factors that influence the disease occurs, or enhance its appearance.These include:

found that in winter people suffering from keratosis pilaris, the symptoms intensified, and in the summer is almost completely self-cleansing.

In most cases the sy

mptoms of the disease appear in early childhood.First, there is a strong dryness of the skin, especially on the palms and soles.As the disease progresses in the body there are common lesions.The skin bumps appear dense, rounded, on top of which there are fragments of hair or horny spines, their color is usually no different from the color of healthy skin.Outbreaks are often located on the symmetrical parts of the body.

Keratosis pilaris: Causes and Treatment

In adults most often affects the skin of hips, buttocks, hands, children follicular nodules often appear on the face.Sometimes patients complain of itchy skin is weak in the area of ​​the lesion.

presence of the disease has no effect on overall health, this problem is more aesthetic, so specific treatment is required.Very often keratosis pilaris, which arose as a child is allowed to own when the child reaches puberty.

Keratosis pilaris: Causes and Treatment To reduce the number of nodules and prevention of new should, if possible, eliminate the factors that increase and triggers the onset of symptoms.

Since nutritional factors affect the severity of symptoms of the disease, people suffering from keratosis pilaris, recommended the observance of a balanced nutritious diet.It is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamins, especially A, E, C and Group B.

compensate for a deficiency of fat soluble vitamins can help vegetable oils and seafood.Vegetable oils should choose unrefined virgin olive (olive, sunflower, wheat germ oil, rapeseed and others.) And to use, without subjecting to heat treatment.Also useful are fatty fish, fish oil and other seafood.In addition, you can take additional courses multivitamin complexes (Vitrum Biomax, Alphabet, etc.), vitamin A (retinol acetate), E (alpha tocopherol acetate), or a combination product Aevitum containing both vitamin.

to ensure the body a sufficient amount of ascorbic acid is recommended to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and fresh juices from them.

Keratosis pilaris: Causes and Treatment Reduce the number of papules will use moisturizing and nourishing creams.It is recommended to apply creams and masks, which include petroleum jelly, vegetable oils, vitamins A and E helps to quickly get rid of knots cosmetics containing lactic and salicylic acid.

To remove nodules may apply peels and scrubs containing milk and fruit acids, sea salt.They must be used regularly, but keep in mind, too frequent use of these tools can cause skin irritation.For mechanical removal of dead skin cells can be applied Dermabrasion (mechanical peeling).

People who suffer from keratosis pilaris, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight, and after swimming in the salt water must be rinsed with fresh water and apply to the skin moisturizer.

Pediatric skin is more tender and delicate than adults, there is an excessive dryness.So 30 minutes before swimming is recommended to lubricate the affected skin with baby oil or cream after washing also need to apply a moisturizing cream.In the treatment of keratosis pilaris in children cosmetics containing acid, exfoliating scrubs and peels are not used.Sometimes used ultraviolet irradiation or phototherapy.