Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth

Pregnancy - a wonderful period in the life of a woman.Unfortunately, some health problems sometimes arise at this time, can deliver both physical and moral discomfort, which is undesirable for the future mother and baby.One such sensitive issues - hemorrhoids.

Someone he appears for the first time, and some women have a worsening of the disease.For information on how to treat this unpleasant disease in pregnancy and after childbirth, describe in this article.


  • 1 treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth
    • 1.1 candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy and lactation
    • 1.2 Physiotherapy hemorrhoids
    • 1.3 Dietotherapy
      • 1.3.1 What laxatives can be taken during pregnancy and lactation?
  • 2 Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth
  • 3 General recommendations

Very often, hemorrhoids caused during pregnancy, does not bother the woman, and finds it on the disease inplanned inspection at the gynecologist.Exacerbation of pre-e

xisting disease occurs in about half of expectant mothers.Therefore, if the hemorrhoids worried woman still at the planning stage of pregnancy, the treatment should be carried out prior to its occurrence.

In any case, hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth should be treated, it is not necessary to hope that the problem will be solved by itself.Even while waiting for child hemorrhoids hardly disturbed, the exacerbation of the process can occur after childbirth (especially after long), since the passage of the baby through the birth canal compression occurs vessels pelvis and hemorrhoids themselves.Early treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy in many cases avoids the complications of this disease in the postpartum period.

As you know, many drugs can not be used by pregnant and lactating women, therefore treatment of hemorrhoids should be comprehensive and combine the use of permitted drugs and non-drug therapies.

Typically, in the absence of complications in the treatment of hemorrhoids are used local media in the form of rectal suppository (candles).Drug from the colon into the bloodstream almost absorbed, however, not all candles from hemorrhoids can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

When severe symptoms of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and lactation on prescription are allowed to use candles and Natalsid Alginatol containing natural ingredients derived from algae.The substance, which is part of a suppository, has hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.Also, pregnant and lactating women on the recommendation of a doctor can treat hemorrhoids using candles with sea buckthorn oil, candles and ointments Posterisan, ointments Fleming.Some

for the treatment of hemorrhoids are allowed to be used during pregnancy only starting from the second trimester and after delivery, these include candles and ointment Relief and Relief Advanced, ultraprokt, Gepatrombin G. During the first 12-14 weeks of pregnancy, these drugs do notappointed.

Physiotherapy techniques significantly increase the efficiency of complex treatment of hemorrhoids.Prescribed by a doctor, and they can be used during pregnancy, especially after childbirth.Hemorrhoids can be administered medicinal electrophoresis, UHF, magnetic and laser therapy, darsonvalization, irradiation quartz lamp.

As one of the predisposing factors for the development of the disease - constipation, during and after pregnancy women are advised to eat a diet that promotes good bowel habits.To the chair was a regular, you should eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and foods rich in fiber, vegetable oils and dairy products.

during pregnancy and after childbirth are permitted to take products containing bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, necessary for normal digestion (Linex, Bifidumbacterin, Normoflorin, Atsipol et al.).If, in spite of the diet, constipation can not cope, then come to the aid of laxatives.

If, despite diet, constipation can not handle, you should not neglect the laxatives, especially since there are safe medications that during pregnancy and lactation can take.These tools include preparations based on lactulose (Duphalac, Normase, lactulose, Goodluck, Portalak et al.), Which helps soften the stool, and improves bowel movements and not absorbed into the bloodstream.Also to cope with constipation help microclysters Mikrolaks.

old proven remedy for constipation, which can be used by pregnant and lactating women are candles with glycerin.However it is better to give preference to other drugs, if any worsening of hemorrhoids and other diseases of the rectum.

treatment of hemorrhoids surgically, even with the use of minimally invasive techniques during pregnancy is used only in extreme cases, when conservative therapy does not bring the desired results, and hemorrhoid symptoms progress.The most dangerous symptom of hemorrhoids for pregnant women - bleeding, which can lead to anemia and, consequently, to fetal hypoxia.

After delivery capabilities for treatment of hemorrhoids is greatly enhanced, hemorrhoids 2-3 stage successfully treated using minimally invasive operations (infrared photocoagulation, sclerotherapy, ligation latex rings, dizarterizatsiya hemorrhoids), which is practically painless, does not require special training, and have prolonged hospitalizationa minimum of contraindications.In most cases, after such treatment hemorrhoid symptoms disappear completely.Hemorrhoids step 4 and step 3, in cases where there are complications of the disease, performed surgical removal of hemorrhoids (hemorrhoidectomy).

Each chair is recommended cleaning the cool water from the toilet (you can baby) soap for this purpose can be used decoctions of chamomile, calendula and other herbs that have anti-inflammatory and regenerating action.

Sit-bath with herbal decoctions, oils and other therapeutic agents to pregnant women do not prohibited, however, you must first consult your doctor.The most important rule: the water for baths should not be hot, as this can cause increased tone of the uterus and other adverse effects for the mother and her child.

not prohibited also be used to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy and folk treatments, hirudotherapy, mud, but only after consulting your doctor.

After birth, used in the treatment of hemorrhoids any outdoor activities are permitted, but if there are seams in the crotch, then only after complete healing.

for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids can also use the physiotherapy, which can be engaged in their own homes.For example, exercise can be such:

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