Trichomoniasis: symptoms in women treated.

Among the sexually transmitted diseases, trichomoniasis - occupies a leading position.It is terrible to imagine, but every fifth inhabitant of the planet is faced with this disease, whether he knows it or not.About 10% of this number - pregnant women.Trichomoniasis occurs in these young ladies, of course, not without major complications for the fetus.What are the symptoms of trichomoniasis women , how to diagnose and treat this disease?


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Vaginal Trichomonas, is not a bacteria, it protozoa.That is why the majority of antibacterial drugs can not afford to deal with this "villain."Trichomonas motile, meaning they can move independently, by their flagella, for the life of them did not need oxygen.That is why they can quietly penetrate into the upper urinary tract and, through the cervical canal, into the uterus and appendages, causing specific inflammation.Another important feature of Trichomonas is their un

conditional love moisture.At the slightest heating, drying, or the action of sunlight, it dies.Even under favorable conditions, but outside of the organism, it lives only a few hours.Accordingly, in order to become infected with trichomoniasis is not sexual, but through personal care items - towel, underwear, etc., it is necessary to violate all conceivable rules of personal hygiene.Although it is theoretically possible.

From the moment of infection trichomonas vaginal, before the first concrete signs and symptoms may take up to a maximum of 2 months, but on average, this period is 10 days.But it is possible that no complaints and symptoms do not appear.Then we have to be trihomonadonositelstvo.In this case, you are a carrier of the disease, and calm, nothing suspecting infect their sexual partners.While most carriers are just men, but ladies and it happens.In the best case, the fact that carriers install routine screening for sexually transmitted diseases.That is why it is so important not to forget about such surveys that do not have the time to overlook the danger.Let us return to the symptoms of trichomoniasis in women, if the disease is still owes its development:

course, trichomoniasis - a disease which in any case should not be treated at home, folk medicine, decoctions and infusions.The prerogative is wholly owned by the gynecologist or venereal diseases, and it is better if the treatment will be carried out, both specialist.

major role in the diagnosis occupy laboratory methods.To implement them, the young lady taking swabs from the vagina, urethra and rectum.To detect Trichomonas in them, there are several different methods:

Besides the laboratory, there is one instrumental method.It colposcopy (the study of the vagina and cervix with a microscope).When carrying out its possible to find a symptom of strawberry (strawberry) neck: on the vaginal part of the cervix are determined by small hemorrhages, and it becomes like a strawberry.This symptom occurs in a small part of female patients, and therefore the diagnosis of trichomoniasis is not applicable.Often the opposite is true, during a colposcopy, in a completely different gynecological indications, reveals a symptom of strawberry cervix, the doctor suggests that the idea of ​​the infection.

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