Treatment of warts in men

causes the development of genital warts in males HPV 6,11,16,18 and 33 strains.Human papilloma virus infects a man during unprotected sex, about half the cases.When anal and oral sex more often develop warts at five - ten times.It is also possible to transfer condylomatosis and close household contact.

Often genital warts can be seen around the anus, as their habitat, they often choose the warm, moist areas of the body.

But in order to appear on the body of a man warts there is only one virus is not enough, we need more and predisposing factors.Often this factor is the weakening of the protective properties of the immune system.

Disorders of the immune system are often associated with hypothermia or overheating, fatigue, stress, constant use of drugs or alcohol, improper diet.

infection is often asymptomatic.The results of the study, only one - two people out of a hundred were visually visible genital warts, but the virus had struck almost everything.

Symptoms of infection: sprawl, cauliflower i

n the genital area.If large growths are located around the anus, during bowel movements, they are easily injured, thus there is a burning sensation and pain, bleeding.

enough to diagnose find warts in the genital area.In addition to viewing the genitals and anus, as necessary to carry out digital examination of the rectum to reveal warts in the intestinal wall, which can be felt as the seals of the intestinal wall.

must perform blood tests for HIV - infection and syphilis.

Full recovery from warts men is possible if a cure warts old parallel: enhance immunity, to prevent recurrence of the disease.

What method will be treated warts in men attending doctor decides individually for each patient.When choosing a method takes into account many factors: the type, localization of lesion.Sometimes the resolution of genital warts occur on their own, so given the aggressiveness of some treatments, in some cases, no treatment is applied it is not necessary.

Currently under development are antiviral drugs and vaccines that prevent getting HPV.

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