Patent foramen ovale in the heart: causes, symptoms, treatment and prognosis

news of the open oval window in the heart of the guards, and worried many parents of children of all ages.As a rule, this diagnosis they find by chance: during a routine inspection or conduct an electrocardiogram.In some cases, such a malformation of the heart completely does not manifest itself and people live for many years without experiencing any discomfort until the appearance of serious cardiovascular pathologies.

In recent years, such a feature in the structure of the heart has become identified more often, and in this article we will tell you about the open oval window in the heart and the dangers that can carry this diagnosis in the future.


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Patent foramen ovale in the heart: causes, symptoms, treatment and prognosis oval window is open slotin the wall between the right and left atrium, which normally operates in the embryonic period and is completely overgrown after 12 months of life.From the left

atrium is covered by a small valve opening, which is fully mature at the time of delivery.During the first cry of a newborn, and the time of disclosure of light is a significant increase in left atrial pressure and under its influence the valve fully closes the oval window.Subsequently, the valve tightly adheres to the wall of the atrial septum and the gap between the right and left atrium closes.

In most cases, 40-50% of children, is "prirastanie" valve occurs in the first year of life, at least - to five years.With insufficient amount of valve gap can not be closed completely and the right and left atrium are not isolated from each other.In such cases, the child may be diagnosed - a patent foramen ovale in the heart (or MARS-syndrome).Such a condition is classified as a small cardiologists malformation of the heart, and in the absence of severe symptoms that affect quality of life can be perceived as a characteristic of the structure of the heart.

an open oval window in the heart - it is a through hole between the atria, through which the blood during heart muscle from one atrium may be thrown into another.In adult patients, this anomaly is detected in approximately 30% of cases.It is a channel or a shunt between the atria and cause malfunction of the cardiovascular system or the lung due to fluctuations in blood pressure.

Patent foramen ovale in the heart: causes, symptoms, treatment and prognosis most common cause of cleft gap between the atria becomes a genetic predisposition.In most cases, this anomaly is betrayed by his mother's side, but may be caused by a number of other reasons:

patent foramen ovale is often detected in other malformations of the heart: aortic duct with an open and congenital tricuspid and mitral valves.

patent foramen ovale may contribute to a variety of risk factors:

Patent foramen ovale in the heart: causes, symptoms, treatment and prognosis Most patent foramen ovale in the heart does not manifest, or makes itself felt only sparse and non-specific symptoms.

Young children with this anomaly can be observed:

have older children may experience poor tolerance of physical activity, which manifests itself increased heart rate and shortness of breath.

at puberty or during pregnancy when the body is a total hormonal changes, provoking an increase in the load on the cardiovascular system, patent foramen ovale can manifest itself by frequent episodes of dizziness and headaches, fatigue and feelings of disruption of the heart.Vividly these manifestations are expressed after intense exercise.In some cases, such a malformation of the heart can lead to sudden and totally motivated fainting.

cleft oval window to the age of five indicates that, most likely, this anomaly will accompany a person throughout his life.At a young age, and in the absence of cardiovascular pathologies, it practically does not affect his health and career, but after 40-50 years, and the development of heart disease or vascular foramen ovale is capable burden for these ailments and to complicate their treatment.

Patent foramen ovale in the heart: causes, symptoms, treatment and prognosis Auscultation of heart sounds doctor may suspect cleft foramen ovale, t. To. This anomaly is accompanied by systolic noise of varying intensity.To confirm the diagnosis of the patient are recommended more precise instrumental examination methods:

invasive and more aggressive diagnosis of patent foramen ovale resorting, if necessary, surgery.In such cases, the patients received probing cavities of the heart.

volume of treatment is determined by the severity of symptoms of patent foramen ovale.In the absence of pronounced disorders of the heart patient provides recommendations for the proper organization of the daily routine, limiting the exercise and observance of the rules of rational and balanced nutrition.Acceptance of drugs in asymptomatic such an anomaly structure of the heart is not assigned, and patients are advised to restorative treatments (physical therapy, hardening and spa treatment).

In identifying a patient minor complaints of the cardiovascular system can be recommended intake of vitamin preparations and tools that provide extra bracing effect on the heart muscle (Panangin, Magne B6, Elkar, ubiquinone, and others.).In such cases, the patient must adhere to more restrictions in physical activities and to pay attention to bracing procedures.

with more severe symptoms persist, a high risk of thrombosis and significant discharge of blood from the atria from one to another patient monitoring is recommended at the cardiology and cardiac surgery and may be assigned to the following activities:

postoperatively for prophylaxis of infective endocarditis patient is prescribed antibiotics.Endovascular treatment of such malformations of the heart wall allows patients to return to a full life is absolutely without any restrictions.

Complications of cleft foramen ovale developing quite rare.This anomalous structure of the heart wall lead to diseases:

reason for their development is paradoxical embolism.Despite the fact that this complication is rare, the patient should always be to notify your doctor about the presence of a patent foramen ovale.

In most cases, the prognosis of patients with patent foramen ovale favorable and rarely end with complications.

People with patent foramen ovale is recommended:

Surgical treatment with such anomalies of the heart is assigned only when expressed violations in the functioning of the cardiovascular system and lungs.

Video telling about this disease: