Lineks and its analogues

crisis came upon us, and the sanctions have caused many to reassess their financial capabilities.A regular and inexorable rise in prices of pharmaceutical assortment makes you want to replace a doctor's appointment at a more humane drug for purse money counterparts.But is such a measure is justified and equivalent.Let us consider the example of her lineksa - Most probiotic.


  • 1 Linex - a means of substitution treatment
  • 2 Linex - a means of preventing the side effects of antibiotics and removal has appeared antibiotic-associated diarrhea
  • 3 Linex - a means to combat intestinal disorders
  • 4 Linex - means the general improvement
  • 5 Features lineksa

Linex and its analogues Linex is a dosage form of harmless microbes to live, has many useful properties.Such funds have a lot of evidence.To decide on the replacement of the drug prescribed by the doctor, you must clearly understand the purpose for which the medicine is administered.Of course, before such a serious step is highly desirable to discuss it
with the doctor, not the pharmacist, the pharmacy, the interlocutors to another online forum or bosom friends.A good specialist is not only explain its recommendation but advises less expensive replacement options.Like numerous other probiotics, Linex is usually appointed:

Probiotics are an integral component of the traditional treatment of disorders of the intestinal microflora.They compensate for shortages of certain beneficial bacteria (enterococci, bifidobacteria, coliforms, lactic acid bacteria).However, probiotic agents differ in composition, so should be taken not to "blindly", but only after a preliminary seeding fecal bacteria overgrowth or an appropriate molecular genetic studies of the composition of the intestinal microflora of a particular patient.

The Linex contains bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and enterococci.Accordingly, the drug will be effective if it is the lack of these micro-organisms.However, if you think about his replacement, it is necessary to know that in our pharmacy market a lot of good lactobacilli and bifido probiotics (floristin, Bion-3 maksilak, Biovestin-lacto, etc.), Which may well be an alternative to Linex.But probiotics with much less enterococci (bififom, laminolakt et al.).And their composition is not identical with Linex.

lineks If, for whatever reasons, will appoint with a serious deficiency or absence of normal E. coli, the therapeutic effect will be less pronounced.Therefore, it is even better to replace on probiotics with live Escherichia coli (bifikol, kolibakterin).

frequent and well-known adverse effect of antibiotics, faced patients and doctors are diarrhea and painful flatulence.Sometimes they arise even after taking the first tablets or injections.To prevent this, antibiotics are often administered together with probiotic agents.This measure is well known and old to doctors and patients.

Linex and its analogues however powerful antibacterial components are capable of destroying not only the pathogens cause illness, but probiotics and beneficial microbes.In such cases, diarrhea and flatulence not disappear but rather strengthened.Unlike many other probiotic Linex contains special kinds of bacteria resistant to most antibiotics.Consequently, not all probiotics make it a decent alternative.

But we need to mention that, unfortunately, because of this valuable property like lineksa in some cases develops immunity to the germs to take antibiotics.The fact that resistance to these drugs probiotic bacteria are exchanged with the "bad" microorganisms plasmids - tiny molecules containing genes that contribute to counter the adverse factors (including antibiotics).Most often this effect is observed in patients, irresponsible relating to the treatment and randomly taking antibiotics.Therefore
modern experts are trying to combine a course of antibiotics with no lactose, bifidobacteria and enterococci-containing probiotics and prebiotics with (drugs without live bacteria, but a positive effect on beneficial intestinal bacteria) or probiotics - samoeliminiruyuschimi antagonists with mushrooms (enterol) orhay bacillus spores (baktisubtil et al.).

If antibiotics have already canceled or completed their course of treatment, but are diarrhea, then these patients also often recommend probiotics.Antidiarrheal lineksa capabilities comparable to the effect of fixing many other probiotics.Therefore, it may well be replaced by a less expensive means.

Sometimes lineks included in the treatment regimen gas formation, constipation or diarrhea.In most of these cases, it is a measure of self-too "advanced knowledge in medicine" patients or recommendation to incompetent doctors.Then they wonder at the lack of the expected therapeutic results or insignificance and swear in every way is not cheap drugs.This homegrown Aesculapius should be understood that Linex, like his other colleagues - probiotics, improves or normalizes the composition of intestinal microflora.And its violations are often not cause constipation, bloating and diarrhea, but only a consequence.

is therefore necessary to ascertain the origin of direct intestinal symptoms (preferably under the guidance and patronage of a knowledgeable physician), and only then think about the feasibility of introducing lineksa and its analogues in the treatment.

Some experts recommend using probiotics not only to address the problems of the digestive tract, but also for general health: improving metabolism, strengthen the immune system, reduce allergies and others. If your doctor puts a goal, to solve not only can lineks butother means of living microbes (lactoflora, bifidobacteria, and others.).After all these wonderful bacteria inherent in an extensive range of useful properties for the human body (the synthesis of vitamins, enzymes, education, production of anti-tumor substances, destruction of allergens, anti-toxins and others.).

Linex and its analogues be recalled even some of his qualities lineksa that distinguish it from the numerous other probiotics.This means:

Any savings should be reasonable.The worst of its kind is to save on their health.Patients do not always have enough knowledge and understanding of what medications and when to be replaced by less expensive drugs.Therefore, any changes in treatment is better to agree with the expert.

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