How to treat pressure sores?

In some cases, active preventive measures against pressure ulcers do not save the situation, and they appear in the body of the patient.In such cases it is important to immediately begin their correct treatment, ie. K. The progression of the process may result in the need of skin transplants.

treatment of pressure ulcers - is a long and painstaking process.To eliminate them it is important to observe a sequence of actions, ie. A. Normalization without normal blood circulation in the affected area and cleanse the wound of pus and necrosis areas is extremely difficult to achieve the healing of tissue.


  • 1 Regimen bedsores
  • 2 How can I restore normal blood flow in the affected area of ​​the skin?
    • 2.1 eliminate contact with decubitus bed
    • 2.2 massage technique
  • 3 How to ensure the exclusion of dead tissue?
  • 4 How to ensure the healing of the wound?
  • 5 When surgical treatment of pressure ulcers?
  • 6 Folk remedies for the treatment of bedsores
    • 6.1 Soda towel for cleaning
      bedsores from pus
    • 6.2 The infusion of the roots of elecampane for cleaning bedsores from pus
    • 6.3 ointment of pine resin to heal bedsores
    • 6.4 Calendula oil and mummy for healing bedsores
    • 6.5 ointment of arnica and hemlock for healing bedsores

the treatment of pressure sores, it is important to observe three basic conditions:

After detecting bedsores need to revise the measures of preventionwhich were made earlier, and eliminate possible deficiencies.Under the affected part of the body is necessary to put a rubber ring, which will contribute to the restoration of normal blood flow and prevent contact with the wound bed.

In some cases it is more convenient not to use rubber ring, and a roller or pad: The choice of adjuvant depends on the localization of bedsores.For example, if it is formed on the ankle, it is possible to put a cushion on the calf or knee.

To normalize the blood flow can be periodically massage.Simple techniques this procedure can be learned from patronage nurse or a doctor.Massage should be performed twice a day (morning and evening), after hygiene and thorough drying of the skin.For its implementation can apply various creams or massage oils.

Massage at bedsores includes the basics of hygienic and lymphatic drainage massage.When you hold it affected skin is not affected.First, the patient is placed on the abdomen and perform stroking.Short stroking movements (5-6 cm) are starting to do, starting with the heels of the patient is gradually moving to the thighs and buttocks.Next

hand massage performed the same pumping movements.They are starting to do with the hands of the patient towards the armpits and neck.

After the massage arms and legs carried the same stroking movements in the lumbar region and sacrum.They should be sent down (to the pelvic lymph nodes).Then perform stroking with both hands on the middle line in the waist side.The same movements are carried out across the back of the patient.

It occupies most of stroking massage.It is performed for 5 minutes, gradually increasing the intensity of motion (from the surface motions are moving to deeper).

After that, the above-described parts of the body perform other massage techniques: rubbing, kneading and vibration.In each of the techniques is withdrawn for about 5 minutes.At the end of the procedure is performed head massage.Particular attention is paid to the occipital region, t. To. It is on the most commonly appear bedsores.

After that, the patient is turned back on and perform similar massage techniques on the front of the body.More precisely massaged bones of the pelvis, knees, shins, the area above the sternum and the ribs, t. To. They often come in contact with the bed.

To get rid of dead tissue can be used a variety of pharmacological agents, or surgical techniques.This step is necessary for the treatment of bedsores release of necrotic tissue masses and pus.First, the wound was treated with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine (some experts do not recommend the use of peroxide, t. To. She is able to destroy the granulation and dry out the skin).If necessary, part of dead tissue is removed surgically.

the presence of pus and tissue necrosis areas (gray or white fabrics), it is recommended the use of means for cleaning wounds.This may be used: or ointment Iruksol Proteoks TM.

For faster cleansing and healing the wounds, you can use a variety of alginates (powders or wipes) and hydrocolloid dressings (Comfy plus Multifrem, Hydrocoll, Hydrosorb, Duoderm).

How to treat pressure sores?

These tools are very effective, but costly.In the absence of funds to buy them, you can use healing wounds (ointments, creams, liniments):

In the treatment of pressure sores, it is important to observe the rules of asepsis, t. To. In the wound surface can penetrate secondary infection, which would complicate the healing of bedsores and require additional treatment.After using the wound-healing means superimposed sterile bandage fixation.If unable to bandage the affected area of ​​the body to secure the bandage can use plaster (better to choose one that can be used for a long time and provides a breath of integuments).When sticking plaster need to monitor its tension, t. To. If excessive tug skin can form additional damage.

frequency of dressing is determined individually and depends on the means used for the healing of pressure ulcers.Before applying a new bandage is always held antiseptic wound treatment.

In some cases, weak and seriously ill patients for the treatment of infected bedsores appointed antibiotics.Selection of the drug and the duration of his admission is determined individually.

surgical methods of treatment of bedsores apply the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy, and if you can not heal bedsores grade III-IV.Before his conduct of patients undergoing pre-deployment training:

To prepare for the operation can be applied a variety of innovative techniques:

Depending on the severity of the symptoms can be used such surgical techniques:

In some cases, surgical treatment of pressure sores is the only way to eliminate this disease and allowsprevent the development of severe complications (kidney and liver failure, sepsis, and death).The healing of damaged skin occurs much faster and significantly improves the quality of life of the already critically ill patients.

to treat bedsores can be used and some folk remedies.Before using them you must always consult with your doctor and make sure that the patient is not allergic reactions to components of the national prescription.

In the cup of boiling water to dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda, soak in this solution old linen towel and applied to bedsores.After the appearance of pus in the tissues make another soaked a towel in a soda solution.After cleaning the wound can be applied wound-healing agent.

tablespoons minced root elecampane pour cup boiling water and place the container in a water bath.Infuse for half an hour.Strain and use the infusion to cleanse the wound surface bedsores.

To prepare the necessary ointment: 10 g of pine resin, 100 grams of beeswax, 2 tablespoons butter and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.Heat the oil to 70 ° C, cool it and add butter, sap and beeswax.Place the container in a water bath, and mix all ingredients until smooth.The ointment is stored in a tightly closed glass container in the refrigerator.Before using heated water bath.Before using decubitus chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide, dry gauze.Apply the ointment on the wound surface, cover with plastic wrap and a warm cloth.Compress not shoot during the day.

Fresh marigold flowers placed in a glass bowl and pour oil.To insist in a dark warm place for 1-2 months and strain.Decubitus handle dense solution mummy (mummies mixed with boiled water to form a thick liquid) and let it dry.Apply calendula oil.

in half-liter jar put green hemlock seeds and cover them with olive oil.In other banks put arnica and also pour oil.Tanks in a warm and dark place and infuse for about 40 days.After the infusion of oil filter.Take 250 ml of the oils and hemlock arnica, mix and add 20 g of propolis, 100 g and 200 g of oleoresin beeswax.Container with the resulting mixture placed in a water bath to dissolve all components and until homogenous.The ointment is placed in a glass dish with a lid and store in refrigerator.Apply to pressure sores 2-3 times a day after cleansing the wound of pus and necrotic tissue.

treatment of pressure ulcers - is a gradual process that needs to start at the very early stages of their appearance.The pharmaceutical industry and traditional medicine offers a huge number of methods and means to eliminate pressure ulcers, and choose their own is not easy.Be sure to consult with a doctor who, after examination of the wound, prescribe the necessary tools for you and teach you the rules of their application.

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