Use of hormones in menopause: Overview

Many women are going through difficult hormonal changes in the body that are caused by menopause.Persistent hot flushes, sweating, mood swings, irregular cycles, headaches and insomnia - all of these symptoms can significantly poison the daily life and affect mood and performance ladies.Besides physical suffering, the women in this period of life and moral suffering: start to think about their "sexual disqualification" and approaching old age.


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Such a string of changes to the traditional way of life can significantly depress and cause a sense of inferiority.Many women perceive menopause as an incurable given and no attempt is made to correct those Use of hormones in menopause: Overview discomfort that poison their lives.They needlessly doom themselves to years of mental and physical suffering: achievements of pharmacology can eliminate these unpleasant symptoms and to make daily life adjustments that p

ositively impact on the health of the fair sex in this period of their lives.

One way the relief of annoying symptoms of menopause can be the appointment of hormone replacement therapy, which helps to eliminate hormonal imbalance.These drugs are derived from those of female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone), the lack of which is observed at the onset of menopause.

Many experts recommend advance to prepare for menopause using hormonal birth control pills (Jeanine, Marvelon, Three-regolith, Diana, Yasmin, and others.).Having started taking them to the age of thirty, a woman can not only ensure a smooth transition to a period of massive hormonal additions, but also protect your body from losing calcium, cardiovascular diseases and disorders in the functioning of the endocrine system, which is often observed in premenopausal.

the transition from oral contraceptives to hormonal appointed during menopause is determined individually for each woman, depending on the level of concentration of hormones.The range of products is extremely wide, and their selection can be performed only by a physician.

Before prescribing hormone replacement therapy, women should be sure to pass a comprehensive diagnosis, which includes:

Based on the analysis of the survey results, exclude the possibility of contraindications to receiving hormonal therapy, your doctor may recommend a particular drug and its dosage calculated.

contraindications to hormone replacement therapy during menopause may be:

If any contraindications to hormonal methods during menopause women can be assigned to alternative preparations of plant components (black cohosh, red clover, soybeans, and others.).

Sygethin, estrofem, Dermestril, Proginova, Divigel

These products contain only a synthetic analogue of estrogen and can be used in the early and later stages of menopause.They may recommend to women who brought the operation to remove the uterus having a urogenital disease, sleep disorders and mental instability.

Divina, klimonorma, Trisekvens, klimonorma, Cyclo-Proginova, climate

These drugs are combined and contain synthetic versions of estrogen and progesterone.They are designed to address the various symptoms of menopause: excessive sweating, nervousness, hot flashes, palpitations, and so forth. Such combination drugs can be recommended for the prevention of various effects of menopause - atherosclerosis, diseases of endometrium, and osteoporosis.

Divitren, Kliogest

These combination products are designed for women who have the unpleasant symptoms of menopause began to manifest itself in postmenopausal (t. E. After the full monthly increments).In addition to elimination of estrogen deficiency, preparations prevent the development of osteoporosis.

Vagif Ovestin

These topical preparations are available as tablets or vaginal suppositories, which include a synthetic analog of estradiol.They practically do not have systemic effects on a woman's body and are designed to eliminate the genitourinary disorders, atrophy of the mucous membranes of the urogenital tract, urinary incontinence, pain during sexual intercourse and restore the normal vaginal flora.

Atarax, Grandaxinum

These drugs are a kind of hormonal tranquillizers and are highly efficient.They are safe to use and assigned to eliminate negative psycho-emotional states, which can cause menopausal changes.Their reception is indicated for chronic stress, dizziness, nervousness and vegetosomaticheskih reactions (increased blood pressure, nausea, sweating, choking, etc.).Preparations are well tolerated by patients and does not inhibit brain activity, not addictive, improve memory, and enhance concentration.

Hormone replacement therapy at menopause for the past 30 years successfully appointed Western gynecologist-endocrinologist.Many of us have noticed that the women of these countries look more youthful and longer lead an active lifestyle.The explanation for this lies in the fact that insufficient amounts of estrogen in this period of their life is filled estrogensoderjath drugs.

Most doctors prescribe hormonal during menopause, which is accompanied by painful symptoms for women and the development of its complications.As a result of hormone replacement therapy leads to the following advantages: Use of hormones in menopause: Overview

Use of hormones during menopause is absolutely justified by many doctors and has been successfully applied in many countries.The pharmaceutical industry can offer a wide range of tools for hormone replacement therapy, taking into account all the features of the woman's body.Do not forget that self-medicate with drugs such unacceptable!Tips friends and acquaintances can not guarantee the safety of the funds that come to them, ie. A. The body of every woman is different, and a doctor will be able to adequately assess the state of your health and prescribe a course of hormone replacement therapy.