Urticaria in adults

urticaria (nettle fever) - a skin disease characterized by the appearance of pink, itchy blisters, similar in appearance to burns from nettles.It may occur independently in response to certain stimuli or to appear a second time during the development of any disease.The causes of hives are not fully understood, but as a rule, the disease has an allergic etiology and is quite common among the population.


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Urticaria in adults accompanied by intense itching and the formation of blisters raised white-pink color.Elements of the rash may be localized anywhere on the body, including the face and genitals, causing local tissue swelling.Body temperature can rise to 39 ° C with the development of febrile syndrome, loss of appetite and restlessness.

main feature of urticaria is the rapid relief of allergic react

ion after taking antihistamines and return the skin a natural shape and color as before the onset of the disease.

Recently among population, cases of severe allergic reactions to a variety of allergens.And signs of urticaria may be harbingers of more dangerous conditions such as angioedema or anaphylactic shock.Be very careful when a threatening symptoms immediately call an ambulance or self-Ride to the nearest hospital.

Even if you know that your case - the usual hives, but the rash is localized in the soft tissues of the neck or face, you do not expect at random, and immediately take an antihistamine (suprastin, tavegil) and consult an allergist or any medical specialistcapable to help you.

main objective in the treatment of hives is to identify the allergen that caused the disease.It is not so simple, because the cause of hives can serve a variety of factors: genetic predisposition, food and drug allergy, liver disease, nervous disorders and more.Therefore, referring to the doctor, be prepared for the fact that you have to take additional lab tests, physiotherapy and long-term treatment.

During acute urticaria and to ascertain the cause of the allergy is recommended that compliance with a hypoallergenic diet, as with any skin disease.You can not eat fatty, spicy, spicy food, chocolate, canned food, sweets, sodas.

contraindicated alcohol, you need to refrain from smoking.Stressful situations should try to minimize.In the case of nervous excitability can be used sedatives or herbal teas.

skin of people suffering from hives, has high sensitivity to thermal and mechanical stress.Do not use the bath water is too hot, hard sponges and towels.By choosing cosmetic products responsibly and give preference to natural, proven techniques.It is not necessary to expose the skin long-term overheating in the sun.

as the allergen can be a house dust, animal dander.The house where the man lives, suffer from chronic or acute urticaria, you must be washed regularly, ventilate the room.All the books gathering dust on the shelves, clean away in the closet.Clothes and shoes should be made of natural fabrics, do not provoke sweating and excessive friction with the surface of the skin.

Traditional medicine recommends hives to lubricate the affected places St. John's wort oil, take a bath with a succession, a decoction of chamomile, burdock root, oak bark and nettle.

recommended to use inside the fruit juice celery.Take it one teaspoonful in half an hour before each meal.Of celery juice can prepare the infusion: insist milled roots of celery (two tablespoons) 100 g.cold water for several hours.Ready infusion of strain and drink half a cup inside before a meal.Can every morning to drink a decoction of washed, dried leaves of walnut.

If you are not allergic to bee products, it is recommended to have an empty stomach every day for one tablespoon of honey, its dissolving in the mouth until dissolved.Very effective for urticaria native royal jelly.It must be ingested on an empty stomach, no more than 5 grams on each reception.Natural Royal Jelly contains a strong biostimulating substances that can restore the health of the body and activate the human body's natural defenses.

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