Antifungals polish: Overview

Onychomycosis (fungal nails) can appear as an independent disease or be accompanied by fungal infection of the skin of feet.These diseases are caused by the same types of fungi, but their treatment has some differences, ie. K. The penetration of drugs into the nail plate is somewhat difficult.

to treat fungal infections of the nails used antifungals.We are introducing the reader an overview of pharmacological agents that group.


  • 1 dosage forms of drugs for the treatment of onychom
  • 2 Antifungal nail polishes
  • 3 Antifungal ointments, gels and creams
  • 4 Antifungal solutions (drops) and sprays
  • 5 Antifungals for systemic effects

Before the appointment of an antifungal drug must be conducted to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to the active component antimycotic agents.For this purpose the patient passes a special analysis (scraping with the nail plate), by means of which can be determined by type of bending caused by the disease.

For the treatment of onychomycosis may be used:

Antifungals polish: Overview

use of ointments, sprays, gels or creams do not always guarantee success, t. To. These dosage forms are poorly penetrate the nail plate, and then the patient may experience relapse.Before their appointment it is advisable to file away or remove the nail, and this invasive procedure, entails a cosmetic defect, always frustrating patients.

alternative to such dosage forms were new antifungal agents: therapeutic nail varnishes.Their effect on the nail plate appears in several directions and substantially different from the mechanism of action of other local dosage forms.

Features of the therapeutic effect of anti-fungal nail polish:

In cases of chronic and severe onychomycosis, except for local products for the treatment appointed and systemic antifungal drugs.Their selection is always individual and depends not only on the type of pathogen, but on many other characteristics of the organism (these drugs are toxic and have a number of contraindications).The treatment regimen is determined for each individual patient, and its principle is to conduct short courses of therapy, shock treatment.After a long break, the course re-appointed, and their number is determined individually.

Antifungals polish: Overview These drugs may be used alone or as part of combination therapy in various stages of onychomycosis.

most popular such antifungal lacquer:

When first applying an antifungal lacquer using a single nail files are removed (cut away) the damaged areas of the nail plate.The nail is degreased with alcohol and only then apply the varnish, which dries within 5 minutes.The frequency of application of therapeutic compounds is determined individually.

These local funds are used in the initial stages of the disease and have less systemic effect on the body.That is why it is necessary to begin treatment of onychomycosis at the first symptoms.The ointments, creams and gels include antifungal agents of allylamine and azole groups.

Local azole drugs include:

Local allylamine drugs include:

creams, gels or ointment should be applied after cleansing, gently rubbing movements once a day for 7-10 days.The tool is applied not only to the affected nail, but also on the area of ​​skin around it.

These dosage forms can be used independently or as part of complex therapy at various stages of onychomycosis.The composition sprays and drops are also included antifungals of azole and allylamine groups.

Antifungals polish: Overview Antifungal drops:

antifungal sprays:

Antifungal solutions and sprays are applied 1-2 times a knock in enough (to complete wetting) on ​​the cleaned surface of the nail and the skin around it.The duration of treatment is determined individually.

These drugs are available in the form of tablets or capsules, and are assigned to long-term use (about 4-6 months).Selection of a drug can be performed only after determining the type of fungus and avoid possible contraindications to its use.Driving their admission is determined individually and is conducted according to the principles of pulse therapy (short courses with long intervals and in high doses).

For the treatment of onychomycosis can be applied systemic antifungals such active ingredients:

most often by experts appointed by the Diflucan, Lamisil and Orgunal.In 95% of these drugs effectively eliminate onychomycosis.

main contraindications to systemic antifungal drugs:

the appointment of systemic antifungal agents required to put a doctor aware that you are taking other medicines.

Remember!Self-treatment with antifungal systemic or topical drugs is unsafe and does not guarantee getting rid of onychomycosis!

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