Treatment of thrush (candidiasis) during pregnancy

Vaginal candidiasis (thrush) - a disease that often occurs in pregnant women due to hormonal changes, reduced immune defense and the influence of many other factors.Sometimes women to learn about pregnancy, start too well to take care of intimate hygiene, using a variety of special tools, thereby disrupting the vaginal flora.It too often becomes one of the causes of thrush.

known that during pregnancy the use of certain medicinal products is restricted or prohibited.Nevertheless, it is necessary to treat a yeast infection, so the appearance of its symptoms should contact the attending physician should not be treated independently, including traditional methods.Preparations are appointed after examination and laboratory tests that allow accurate diagnosis, besides, in different stages of pregnancy, various drugs.


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use of vaginal suppositorie

s most preferablyto treat thrush during pregnancy, as they are applied topically, and substances contained in them, is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream and do not affect the development of the fetus.Many suppositories, permitted for use in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy is not recommended for the first appointment.Candles are used vaginally, after using the toilet of external genitals, usually 1 suppository per day, duration of treatment varies.Tablet formulation for the treatment of yeast infection in pregnant women is rarely used.

Treatment of thrush (candidiasis) during pregnancy In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy by a doctor authorized to use candles with natamycin (Natamycin, Pimafucin), for the treatment of thrush is used once a day at night during the week.Also in the first trimester, your doctor may prescribe for treating candidiasis candles Betadine having not only anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.It should be noted that their use is allowed only in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, but it is not recommended in 2 and 3 trimesters.Typically, after a course of treatment with these drugs vaginal candidiasis symptoms disappear, but not ruled out recurrence of the disease in the later stages of pregnancy.

Starting from the second trimester of pregnancy only on prescription for the treatment of thrush can be used more efficient spark, such as Livarol, Gyno-Pevaril, clotrimazole, Polizhinaks and others. The substances contained in them, is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream, yetHowever, they should be applied by a doctor, can not self-medicate.

Treatment of thrush (candidiasis) during pregnancy When using vaginal suppositories may cause unpleasant side effects, for example, it may be burning, itching in the vagina, increasing the number of selections.If these symptoms are pronounced and deliver a woman of considerable discomfort, you should immediately consult a doctor.Usually 2-3 days treatment with pessaries comes improvement, the amount of vaginal discharge is reduced, it passes itching and other discomfort caused by thrush.Despite the improvement, you can not interrupt the course of treatment, it is required to complete.After 1-2 weeks after the end of treatment it is necessary to supply test samples.

ointments and gels used to treat thrush, usually contain the same ingredients as the candle.Most often they are used in the complex therapy topically for fungi of the genus Candida lesions of the mucous membranes and skin.

great importance for the treatment and prevention of vaginal candidiasis plays intimate hygiene.Sometimes incorrectly chosen means for cleaning the can cause the development of thrush.

Treatment of thrush (candidiasis) during pregnancy known that during pregnancy under the influence of hormonal changes changing pH of the medium in the vagina, it becomes more acidic.Of course, in these conditions reduces the risk of bacterial infections in the vagina, but also increase the risk of candidiasis, since fungi such an environment, in contrast, is favorable.Therefore, many gynecologists do not recommend that pregnant women be used for cleaning the facilities, which is composed of matter, creating a favorable environment for the lactic acid bacteria.Better to wash clean water decoction of chamomile or calendula, you can use special means for intimate hygiene with a neutral pH.

thrush allowed to make hip baths with a decoction of chamomile or calendula, but only after consulting your doctor.Water for baths should be warm, but in any case not hot or cold.Vaginal douching any solution without a prescription during pregnancy forbidden to do!

Treatment of thrush (candidiasis) during pregnancy appearance of thrush during pregnancy may indicate a decrease in immunity, so along with local treatment need to take care of the condition of the body in general.Expectant mothers need to eat a full and varied, and additionally take multivitamin complexes recommended by your doctor, not only for the prevention of fetal malformations, but also to strengthen their immune system.

Particular attention should be given to pregnant women of the digestive system, intestinal dysbiosis may also be one of the causes of vaginal candidiasis.Therefore, expectant mothers need to monitor the regularity of bowel movements, prevent constipation.It is to eat a sufficient amount of various cultured milk products, vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber structurally unstable, and other products that promote normal digestion.If necessary, your doctor may recommend medications containing bifidobacteria (Bifidumbacterin, Bifiform et al.).Furthermore, these drugs can be recommended for preventing yeast and dysbacteriosis in cases where the pregnancy was treated with antibiotics.

At the time of treatment should abandon sex, and sexual partners of women is also recommended to carry out preventive treatment of candidiasis.Pregnant women during the treatment of thrush, and thereafter, it is recommended to give up wearing underwear made of synthetic materials.

Actually thrush - not a harmless disease, as it seems at first glance.Pregnant women should be sure to treat it, so as not to harm future baby, but treatment of vaginal candidiasis should be done only under medical supervision.

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