Atopic dermatitis: the symptoms, treatment and prevention

Atopic dermatitis (atopic dermatitis, atopic eczema) - a chronic disease of allergic nature, a characteristic feature of which are skin rash, accompanied by intense itching.This is a very common disease - according to WHO it affects about 5-10% of the world population.The most common atopic dermatitis in infants.


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believed that the earlier the symptoms appear, the more favorable prognosis.So, when atopic dermatitis occurs at an early age, the probability of achieving a complete clinical remission is maximum, as a child under the age of 3 years under the guise of the disease may be hiding a simple food allergy, symptoms that disappear as they mature enzyme systems of the gastrointestinal tract crumbs.

However, there is a downside: the likelihood of ill allergic rhinitis or asthma in children with atopic dermatiti

s is significantly higher than in healthy.

Unfortunately, the causes of atopic dermatitis scientists have not yet figured out.It is believed that the development of the disease plays a role of genetic factor contributing to an increased sensitivity of the immune system to external stimuli.Skin rashes such persons may result from:

Atopic dermatitis is characterized by undulating course with alternating periods of exacerbation and remission.Acute illness after repeated exposure to allergens (food, animal dander, chemicals).Cases of relapse is significantly more frequent in the cold autumn and winter.

main symptom of atopic dermatitis is a long intense itching.As a result of scratching itchy rashes places there are elements which, depending on the external characteristics are divided into 3 types:

The larger the affected area of ​​the skin rash, the more pronounced symptoms.

localization and character of the rash depends on the patient's age:

most frequent complication of this disease is an infection with the rash elements pathogens.When you join the infection affected skin becomes red, there is pain, fever.

repeatedly diagnosed cases of infection with elements of atopic dermatitis herpes simplex virus - noted the presence of blisters, sometimes with hemorrhagic content, pain in the rash, fever.

doctor puts the diagnosis of "atopic dermatitis" on the basis of specific complaints of the patient (as described above), the data history of the disease, and family history (the presence of disease of allergic nature from close relatives), taking into account the data of objective examination.In order to clarify the diagnosis of the patient can be assigned to a blood test for levels of IgE, high figures which indicate propensity to allergic reactions.

To clarify the nature of the allergen, which causes acute illness, allergy tests are appointed.

In order to achieve maximum effect, the patient should be used as a medication and non-drug therapies.

The latter include:

Drug therapy includes:

promising method of treatment is systemic immunotherapy, or SIT.Its essence lies in the fact that the organism is administered gradually increasing doses of the particular allergen, whereby the immune system becomes less sensitive to it.

To prevent the development of atopic dermatitis in the unborn child, pregnant women should be closely monitored diet - to exclude products that can cause allergy.

For the prevention of diseases in infants should be:

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