Ureaplasma men, symptoms

Today ureaplasmosis - is one of the most common diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.It should be noted that ureaplasmas are conditionally pathogenic microflora.This means that they can be detected at completely healthy people, but under certain conditions (e.g., weakened immunity) can cause diseases.

Ureaplasma men very rarely causes an inflammatory disease, but can not ignore this problem.Sexually transmitted diseases, so the issue of protection and prevention ureaplasmosis should be given special attention.


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Usually the reason for seeking medical attention is not the disease itself, and itscomplications, so to. In most cases ureaplasmosis long asymptomatic.

From the moment of infection before the onset of the first clinical signs of the disease can take several months.This latent period sick man, unaware of the disease, can transmit the infectious agent to their sexual partners.

Most often the first symptoms of the disease are mild.Patients complain of a burning sensation in the urethra during urination, sometimes appear mucous discharge from it.These symptoms may disappear on their own for a while and then reappear.If you leave without proper treatment of the disease, ureaplasma may cause inflammatory diseases of the urethra, epididymis, prostate and cause infertility.

The most common complication is ureaplasmosis urethritis.The disease is manifested sharp pains, pain, burning sensation in the urethra, and any other discomfort, necessarily associated with urination.In some cases, the disease can be cured on their own.If untreated, the process becomes chronic, and every aggravation will occur harder and longer than the previous one.

epididymitis - inflammation of the epididymis, a rare complication of ureaplasmosis.Typically, pain and any other discomfort, it does not cause disease, but the appendage can grow and thicken, which makes a man turn to the urologist.

Prostatitis can also be a complication of ureaplasmosis.Patients worried about difficulty urinating, frequent urination, pain or discomfort in the crotch, and later may have erectile dysfunction up to impotence.

ureaplasmosis Very often causes infertility in men.It should be noted that, after proper treatment in the absence of other health problems in men genital function is restored.

Regimens ureaplasmosis men and women alike.Treatment appoint a doctor, taking into account the sensitivity of the pathogen to antibiotics.Most commonly prescribed tetracycline antibiotics.When detecting Ureaplasma stability of this group of drugs, they can be replaced with a fluoroquinolone or macrolides.Sometimes you need the appointment of two antimicrobial drugs from different groups simultaneously.Treatment usually lasts for 7-10 days.

After a course of antibiotic therapy is recommended in patients receiving drugs exchange for normalization of intestinal microflora (Linex, Bifiform et al.) For the prevention and treatment of dysbiosis.

to strengthen the body's defenses patients received multivitamin preparations (Complivit, Alphabet, Biomax, Vitrum, etc.) And natural immunomodulators (extract of echinacea, lemongrass, rose hips broth and syrup).

During treatment, patients are encouraged to diet, eliminating fried, spicy, salty, fat and alcohol.You should also refrain from sexual intercourse or use barrier methods for prevention (condoms).After the end of therapy should undergo a check-up.

To avoid ureaplasmosis necessary to exclude casual sex.If they do occur, then during intercourse should always use condoms.It is desirable to have one sexual partner.

In identifying ureaplasmosis have a sexual partner you must be examined and, if necessary, treatment to prevent the development of complications of the disease.

for emergency prevention of infections, sexually transmitted infections can be introduced into the urethra antiseptics (Miramistin, chlorhexidine).Use of these drugs are effective only during the first hours after the random intercourse.Note that you can not abuse these drugs.Frequent introduction of antiseptics in the urethra can cause burns of the mucous urethra or allergic urethritis.

good preventive measure for prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, is to strengthen the immune system.

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