Treatment of cytomegalovirus infection

One of the most common infections of the complex TORCH is a cytomegalovirus infection (CMV).According to the WHO, antibodies to CMV are found in 40-80% of the adult population, 2% of newborns and 50-60% of children under the age of 1 year.The disease is widespread, the season has not, to the professional activities of man are not related.


  • 1 Etiology and epidemiology
  • 2 pathogenesis of cytomegalovirus infection
  • 3 Clinical manifestations of CMV infection
    • 3.1 Congenital CMV infection
    • 3.2 Acquired CMV
    • 3.3 CMV infection in pregnant
  • 4 diagnosis of cytomegalovirus infection
  • 5 treatment of cytomegalovirus infection
  • 6 prevention of cytomegalovirus infection

The causative agent is a virus CMV Cytomegalovirus kind of family Herpesviridae.

reservoir and source of cytomegalovirus (CMV) is the person (the carrier or sick).Transmitted by airborne droplets, direct and indirect contact, and by transplacental.There is evidence of infection in the transplant recipient

's body and he infected through transfusion of infected blood.Newborns are usually infected by the mother during passage through the birth canal, that is intrapartum.Cases and transplacental infection of the fetus.A particular danger to the fetus is infected expectant mother in early pregnancy (12 weeks) of pregnancy - a very likely severe violations of fetal development remains.

50% of infants are infected by eating infected breast milk.

Despite the high sensitivity of people to the natural CMV infection is only possible with repeated close contact with infected secretions of the patient.

entrance gate CMV are the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, digestive system and the genital tract.Tellingly, during the invasion of the virus into the body any change in the place of the gate of infection are absent.The virus has a tropism (affinity) to the tissues of the salivary glands, so in the case of localized forms of the disease is found only in them.Once in the body once, the virus persists in it throughout a person's life.In individuals with an adequate immune response to CMV does not cause any signs of illness, they arise only in the case of effects on the weakening factors (receiving cytotoxic drugs, chemotherapy, severe concomitant diseases, HIV).

Fruit infected pregnant woman infected with CMV only in the case of aggravation of her latent form, while primary infection expectant mother probability of infection of the fetus increases dramatically.

Depending on the routes of infection and clinical manifestations of CMV taken divided into congenital (acute and chronic) and acquired CMV infection.The latter, in turn, has three forms: latent, acute and generalized mononukleoznuyu.So.

may not occur immediately after birth, but the growth of the baby will be visible deviations: decreased intelligence, deafness, speech disorder, chorioretinitis.

In 20% of those who underwent bone marrow transplantation may develop CMV pneumonia mortality which occurs in about 85% of cases.

Upon infection during pregnancy in most cases it has developed an acute form of the disease.Perhaps the lung, liver and brain.Patient notes complaints:

After a series of examinations revealed the woman diseases such as polyhydramnios, premature aging of the placenta and its cyst, colpitis, vaginitis.There is a risk of premature detachment of the placenta, bleeding during childbirth, endometritis.

the purpose of diagnosing CMV infection should be investigated in parallel several biological fluids (bronchi washings, saliva, blood, urine, breast milk, tissue biopsies).As for the impact of environmental factors CMV infection pathogen is killed, it should conduct research not later than 4 hours after collection of material.

The following diagnostic methods:

presence in the blood of newborn up to 14 days IgM to CMV is evidence of intrauterine infection.

to prevent development of the disease in people with reduced immunity using intravenous immunoglobulin nonspecific - Sandoglobulin.

To avoid infection, you should avoid contact with sick people, to observe good personal hygiene.

order to prevent infection of newborn CMV infection requires timely diagnosis and adequate treatment of the pregnant woman.

When heat treatment (72C) for 10 seconds, breast milk completely inactivated virus, and useful properties of milk remains the same.

The issue of creating a vaccine against CMV.

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