Angioedema: symptoms, treatment

Angioedema (angioneurotic edema) - instantly paced, limited swelling of the skin, subcutaneous fat and mucous membranes.The basis of this condition is an allergic immediate type reaction, in which blood is ejected in a large number of biologically active substances.As a result, increased vascular permeability and tissue edema.It is often combined with angioedema urticaria, at the heart of which are the same changes in the body.


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Angioedema - it polietiologic diseasewhich may result from insect bites, exposure to various drugs, herbal, food allergens, use of cosmetics.There are cases where angioedema is caused by cold exposure.Some authors believe that people with a genetic predisposition, foci of chronic infections and diseases of the digestive system, often developing angioedema.

disease always begins suddenly.A pronounced limited swelling in the mucous membranes or the different parts of the body occu

rs in a few minutes, sometimes a little slower.Skin color is not changed.Tissue edema in the tense, with pressure on her fossa remains, palpation of this area is absolutely painless.The most common angioedema occurs on the lower lip, cheeks, eyelids, tongue, larynx.Swelling of the tongue and the larynx is dangerous because it can lead to asphyxiation.The patient complains of difficulty breathing, it is difficult to say, there is cyanosis language.This condition is very dangerous and can lead to death, so patient care should be provided as quickly as possible.

Angioedema can capture the meninges and the brain, in which case you may receive a characteristic clinical picture: epileptiform seizures, loss of movement on one side of the body, speech disorder.

Angioedema usually lasts a few hours, sometimes it can persist for several days and then disappears, leaving no trace.Those who at least once in their lives faced with this disease, it must be remembered that it may recur.In

if developed laryngeal edema, require urgent hospitalization to if necessary surgeon can perform a tracheotomy (operation dissection of the trachea and its introduction into the lumen of the cannula to provide special respiratory function).

Compliance hypoallergenic diet, excluding chocolate, nuts, citrus, fish, egg white.In the acute phase, and the next few days is recommended to eat oatmeal, boiled in water, white crackers and water.

only method of prevention of angioedema is to prevent contact with the allergen, which became his cause.

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