Jock itch: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Inguinal athlete (Hebra eczema) - a skin disease caused by a fungus Epidermophyton floccosum.Most often affects the large skin folds (axillary, inguinal) and areas that are adjacent to them.Sometimes it affects the athlete's limbs smooth skin in the interdigital spaces and nails.

To prescribe treatment, the doctor examines the complex of symptoms of the disease.Also, to prevent the occurrence of disease, it is important to know basic preventive measures.


  • 1 Understanding disease
  • 2 symptoms of jock itch
  • 3 treatment of jock itch
  • 4 Prevention jock itch

The disease is widespread andonly occurs in humans.Development jock itch helps overweight, skin and diaper rash sweating.According to statistics, the disease is more common in men.

jock itch

Infection occurs through bodily contact with a sick person, through household items that use patients (washcloths, towels, shoes, underwear, thermometers), as well as violation of rules of hygiene in the public baths, swimming pools and shower


Mycosis affects the groin, upper and inner thighs, sometimes the process extends to the crease between the buttocks, scrotum.Perhaps the skin lesions in the armpits and under the breasts in women.Much less affected skin in the interdigital spaces, and very rarely - nails.

When jock itch on the skin appear pink scaly spots, the size of which is typically less than 1 cm in diameter.The spots gradually grow on the periphery, while in the center of inflammation resolved.Thus the skin formed large ring-inflammatory red spots up to 10 cm in diameter, merge, they form a scalloped pockets.

clear boundaries of these centers have a bright red edematous roller with fine bubbles.The central zone of the hearth with the spread of the process is cleared.Patients worried about itching.

Diagnostics jock itch usually does not cause difficulties for a dermatologist, because the disease is characterized by a very specific clinical picture.To confirm the diagnosis of the doctor conducting a study of flakes of skin taken from the affected area, under a microscope.Finally confirm the diagnosis can only cultural studies, allowing to identify the causative agent.Usually inspection and study under the microscope is sufficient for diagnosis.

When properly prescribed therapy the disease is completely cured within a few weeks.

For the treatment of diseases commonly used drugs are local effects, but sometimes patients received oral antihistamines (suprastin, tavegil, zodak).

In the acute phase of the disease when affected skin blisters occur, patients are assigned a lotion with 0.25% silver nitrate solution or 1% solution of resorcinol.It is also recommended to apply ointments or triderm mikozolon.After cleansing the skin of the vesicle to the affected area of ​​the skin cause 3-5% sulfur-tar ointment or grease with 2% alcoholic solution of iodine.Effective use of external antifungal agents (terbinafine, Nizoral, mikoseptin).

After allowing the skin lesions in areas of lesions within 3 weeks is recommended to continue to lubricate the alcoholic solution of iodine.

Tutor diagnosis and self-treatment with the appearance of similar symptoms should not be, because there are signs jock itch is similar to other dermatological diseases.Misdiagnosis leads to the wrong destination therapy.The most common mistake in the treatment - the use of ointments containing steroids, which only leads to the spread of the process.

primary prevention of this disease lies in the personal hygiene, especially in public places.You must have a personal towel, washcloth, slippers, if necessary, bedding and underwear.The hottest time of the year you need to deal with sweating.

Those who have been identified and treat jock itch, necessary prevention of recurrence of the disease.Household items and linens used by the patients should be thoroughly disinfected.

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