Choledochal cysts

At the mention of biliary tract disease, most patients and even doctors will remember the functional disorders (dyskinesia) and inflammatory diseases (cholangitis, cholecystitis, etc.).However, there are more rare anomaly, which also should not be forgotten.Not infrequently "culprit" malaise may be choledochal cysts, or the common bile duct.


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choledochal cysts call it pathological sacciform expansion that occurs due to the weakness, or underdevelopment of the muscle cells of the walls of the duct.It may be local (mostly in the area of ​​bends), or hit the entire choledoch.When the disease worsens the flow of bile from the common bile duct through a modified major duodenal papilla (of Vater) into the duodenum.

magnitude of cysts varied in size from a few centimeters to the giant.So, doctors described cysts for up to eight (!) Liters of content.Sometimes accompanied by expansion of choledochal cysts and int

rahepatic bile ducts.Frequency verification (of occurrence) of the disease in women is almost three times higher than in men.

choledochal cysts can be either congenital or acquired.What is the cause of its occurrence?

According to one version, change the elasticity of the muscle wall in infants and young children are the result of aggressive pancreatic digestive enzymes, caught in the common bile duct of the pancreatic duct Wirsung.

in adulthood to the emergence of the common bile duct cysts also can cause sclerosis of the large duodenal papilla and ulcerative cholangitis.

clinical manifestations of common bile duct cysts may occur at any age and in infants and adults.Moreover, approximately every fifth case may be absent characteristic symptoms.

remaining patients are concerned:

Sometimes choledochal cysts detected in the survey due to manifestations of recurrent pancreatitis with their corresponding symptoms.

time in physical examination of patients with choledochal cysts can be seen icteric coloring of skin and mucous membranes accessible to visual inspection, traces of scratching the skin chest, abdomen, lumbar region.On palpation is sometimes possible to probe in the right upper quadrant some degree resembling a tumor.However, these changes may be present and other equally serious diseases.Therefore, patients should be sure to thoroughly examine urgently.

help detect common bile duct cyst may be numerous methods of imaging tools.But they show only the expansion of the common bile duct, without restriction and increase the gallbladder or cystic duct deformation.The choice of method is determined individually and is often dependent on the technical capabilities of the clinic.Patients may be given:

In the absence of the necessary diagnostic equipment, or in the case of dispute, sometimes the doctor carried out a puncture education fence certain amount of its contents.If the patient has choledochal cysts, the result of the procedure is received liquid of dark brown color (sterile bile).

choledochal cysts treated only by surgery.Therapeutic methods of treatment of the disease does not exist.Traditional medicine in this case, powerless;resorting to them, the patient exposes himself aimless risk wasting time and spending money.And the consequences of the disease can be very serious.

choledochal cysts can both be broken, and fester, to put pressure on the duodenum, causing its complete or partial obstruction, provoke the development of cholangitis (inflammation of the bile ducts), biliary cirrhosis, pancreatitis, or even over time, if they are not removed, turning intocancer - cholangiocarcinoma, or squamous cell carcinoma.

During surgery, surgeons usually use the following techniques:

The latter method is considered to be easier, but much more often (almost half of the cases), followed by distant problems (scarring, stones, developing cholangitis etc.) And notIt reduces the risk of cancerous transformation possible.Therefore, a radical excision of the cyst should be the preferred method of its surgical treatment.

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