Foot Fungus: Symptoms and Treatment

Fungus foot (athlete's foot) - a skin disease, is one of the highest prevalence among men.This is due to the fact that susceptibility to pathogens (fungi) in humans is high enough, they spread almost everywhere and it is very resistant to factors that can destroy them.

If you choose the right treatment (originally correctly identified the symptoms), foot fungus does not deliver big inconvenience and will be cured in a short time.


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  • 2 Symptoms of fungal feet
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  • 4 Prevention fungus foot

Infected with fungus can beonly in direct contact with it.This occurs most often in public places: swimming pools, baths, saunas, locker rooms, especially when using someone else's shoes or walking barefoot.Not ruled out the transfer of the fungus using bad disinfected tools for pedicure.

The immune system of a healthy person is usually able to cope with the fungus gets on your skin, so the majority of people infected after the disease

does not develop.However, there are certain factors, the presence of which the risk of athlete's foot increases:

There are several types of fungi that can affect a person's skin, but the symptoms are usually similar and they are many.Very often the first defeat captures the interdigital folds, and then spreads to other parts of the foot.Suspected foot fungus can be if you have the following symptoms:

severe symptoms of foot fungus depends on many factors (human immunity, concomitant diseases, etc..), The patient may experience only 1-2 of the above feature.In many patients, there is the initial (or erased) form of athlete's foot, with which they are concerned only itching and flaking of the skin in the interdigital folds.

If you begin treatment at this stage, it is possible to prevent the further development of the disease, to save money on the purchase of medicines, and, of course, reduce the time of treatment.The appearance of deep cracks in the interdigital folds, flaking of the surface layers of the skin, the appearance of bubbles on the skin with a liquid stop, attaching onychomycosis shows running processes.

If signs of foot fungus is best to consult a dermatologist or a mycologist.Based on the examination, he will assign a treatment that in many cases allows you to completely get rid of this unpleasant problem.If necessary, conduct laboratory research to identify the specific type of fungus and the appointment of a more serious treatment.

to treat athlete's foot, in most cases enough of drugs used topically to the affected area.All preparations are applied to the affected areas only after the hygiene procedures.It is necessary to thoroughly wash the feet with soap and water and then dry with a towel, especially the skin interdigital folds, and only then deal drugs.

high efficiency products have Lamisil, Exoderil, Nizoral, have activity against a large number of fungi that cause athlete's foot.These medicaments are available in various forms (creams, gels, ointments, sprays).

Based on the symptoms of the disease and taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, the doctor will recommend the best option.Many drugs for the treatment of fungal foot quite costly, but they are more affordable counterparts, so do not hesitate to ask your doctor about this.In the initial stage of the disease topical application of these drugs is usually sufficient.However, they should be used for a long time, from about 1 to 6 months.

To stop treatment when symptoms of the disease can not, you must be sure to complete the course prescribed by a doctor.

When running foot fungus as well as in those cases when the doctor believes that local treatment is not enough, the system used antifungals (Lamisil, itraconazole and other.).The dosage regimen of drugs, duration and number of courses of treatment determined by the doctor.When the severity of inflammation in the skin of the feet or accession, a bacterial infection can be assigned to hormonal (corticosteroids), as well as antibacterial agents, both local and general action.

There are many traditional methods for the treatment of foot fungus, many people use them, note their effectiveness.Try to treat athlete's foot folk remedies may be, however, if in a few weeks no improvement is noted and the skin condition worsens stop, it is necessary to stop the self and seek medical advice.In addition, many of the recipes of such agents include vinegar or acetic acid, so do not rule out the possibility of chemical burns of the skin in the treatment of them.

the treatment of foot fungus should not forget about the processing of shoes and socks (stockings, tights), which can also be infected by the fungus.All clothing items that come into contact with the skin of feet, you must wash, boil or steam ironed.Footwear should be treated with a solution of acetic acid, formalin or special means.

For patients who recently recovered from a fungus of the foot, as well as for all those who may be at risk, there are several principles of prevention of this disease:

With proper prevention of the disease the patient will not be disturbed, and if choose the right treatment of the fungus stops does not delivergreat inconvenience to the patient quickly and be cured.