Treatment of cystitis during pregnancy

Cystitis - a disease that mostly women are ill: the incidence of reproductive age is 25-35%.Pregnant episodes of cystitis are much more common.

conduct a survey to diagnose and recommend treatment for cystitis pregnant doctor must: gynecologist, internist or urologist.Most likely, the doctor will prescribe urine culture sensitivity of microflora to antibiotics before and after treatment.Cystitis - a condition that during pregnancy necessarily require competent and professional treatment.


  • 1 How to behave?
  • 2 What to eat and drink?
  • 3 How to influence the cause of the disease?
  • 4 How to cope with the pain?
  • 5 How to avoid recurrence?

therapy is prescribed empirically, that is based on standards developed as a result of clinical trials.With the ineffectiveness of the primary course of treatment is adjusted according to individual sensitivity.Finding your way in today's appointments will help this article.

mode is recommended bed rest.Strong pain can cause contraction of smoot

h muscle of the uterus, which is undesirable during pregnancy.In addition, proper rest positive impact on the immune system and to fight his own flora (usually Escherichia coli) is crucial state of reactivity.Take hot baths are contraindicated.Applying heat to the stomach only after doctor's approval: during pregnancy is recommended to refrain from any physical therapy.

Performing dietary recommendations and drinking regime will also help fight the infection.Many of the substances are excreted in the urine in dissolved form.In order not to irritate the inflamed mucous membrane of the bladder, it is necessary to abstain from foods containing spices, pepper, vinegar, spices, carbonated beverages, coffee, and alcohol.Diet recommends dairy plant.

to quickly wash out of the bubble microorganisms, it is recommended to drink more, and a little acidification of urine contributes to their early elimination.Cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks create the desired reaction of urine.Herbal teas also have a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects, but during pregnancy should be treated with caution and used only when prescribed by a doctor.

main stage of treatment is antibiotics.

when handling cystitis in a medical institution it is necessary to notify a doctor about pregnancy, since many drugs in this period can not be used.

It is worth to remember that pregnancy is contraindicated for use fluoroquinolones, doxycycline, nitrofurans, sulfa drugs.

Cystitis during pregnancy is equivalent to the complicated forms, so antibiotic treatment is carried out over a long period: Single dose and 3-day courses during pregnancy is not indicated.

According to the latest standard therapy for acute cystitis in pregnant women the most effective antibiotics - is Amiksitsillina clavulanate, cefixime, or fosfomycin.

Treatment of cystitis during pregnancy amoxicillin clavulanate (Augmentin, Amoxiclav, Flemoklav Soljutab and others) is characterized by good results in the treatment and 5-7-day application of the scheme, but it can irritate the intestines and diarrhea symptoms.The drug is typically used at a dosage three times 500/125 mg or 875/125 mg 2 times a day.Reduce the side effects could, at the beginning of taking a pill ingestion.

Cefixime (Tseforal Soljutab or Supraks Soljutab) relates to cephalosporins third generation and is used in a dosage of 400 mg / day once a day or 200 mg two times a day.Duration of therapy should be at least 5 days.

Monural (Fosfomycin trometamol), manufactured by the Italian company "Zambon" refers to a series of drugs, under the instruction allowed for use during pregnancy with caution.It accumulates in high concentrations in the urinary tract, is applied in a dose of 3 g once after 24 hours is recommended to repeat the reception.

pain relief should be required to carry out: the baby more harm to the pain experienced by the expectant mother than drugs antispasmodic action, such as No-spa.Also cystitis used NSAIDs (ibuprofen, diclofenac, etc.), however, according to the instruction, pregnancy is a contraindication to their use.The physician may, in some situations, designate such preparations.

For the prevention of relapse of cystitis can be used drugs such as Uro-Vaks and Kanefron N.

Uro-Vaks - immunostimulating extract and 18 strains of E. coli that can cause cystitis.The drug increases the humoral and cellular immunity, applicable from the first day of antibiotics, one capsule a day, usually within 3 months, followed by a break.

Kanefron H - herbal medicine, a diuretic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory action.It enhances the effect of the use of antibiotics and is used to prevent a recurrence of cystitis.The recommended dosage is usually 2 tablets three times a day.

question of treatment of cystitis in pregnancy requires mandatory reference to the doctor.It is not necessary to reduce the recommended dose or duration of antibiotic treatment, "not to hurt the child", it only leads to the cultivation of new aggressive strains of bacteria.To choose the right tools to prevent infection and help to choose the doctor.

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