Kulitsidoz: allergic to mosquito bites.

mosquito bites for most people so common that many do not pay any attention to him.However, quite a large number of people harmless at first glance, mosquito bites cause rather unpleasant consequences.In medicine, there is the term "kulitsidoz" - an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite.

Typically, the human immune system responds quickly to substances entering the body by insect bites.Everyone knows how outwardly manifested reaction to mosquito bites: the bite is red, slightly swollen and there is severe itching.Most often, after a few days these symptoms disappear on their own.It essentially is a weak allergic reaction.There are special products applied topically to the site of the bite, which make it easier to quickly eliminate itching and local reaction.

However, some people have a reaction to a mosquito bite is much more pronounced, and the use of conventional weapons does not bring relief.Of course, bees or wasps stings much more dangerous, but also allergic to mosquito bites can cause anaphyl

actic shock.

local allergic reaction develops quickly: just after the bite formed a large painful pimple, which is similar to the swelling after a bee sting, its color can vary from pale pink to bright red, there is a very severe itching, which may even cause sleep disorders.The diameter of the swelling can be up to 10 cm, it is stored for more than 24 hours.This reaction is common in children, with age the immune system is improved, and then the mosquito bites do not cause them much concern.

In more severe cases, you may receive general reaction to substances that fall into the bloodstream through the bite of a mosquito.You may see a red rash all over the body (hives), accompanied by severe itching, angioedema.In such cases, you must consult your doctor immediately.

In very rare cases, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, loss of consciousness.These signs say about the development of anaphylactic shock.This life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical care.Such a reaction is extremely rare even in the stings of bees and wasps, but the bites of mosquitoes it also can not be ruled out.Most people

mosquito bites do not cause much concern.But sometimes, especially in children, itching at the site of the bite can be unbearable, so to relieve the symptoms, you can use pharmaceutical agents, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic actions, such as gels or Soventol Fenistil.Effective action and folk remedies, such as a weak solution of baking soda, tincture of calendula or boric alcohol.

If after a sting there was a strong swelling, especially in the face and neck, rash, difficulty breathing, you should immediately take into antihistamine (Suprastin, Claritin, diphenhydramine) and seek medical advice.

can not comb the bite, t. To. It can damage the skin and penetration of infection in the wound.Very often the problem occurs in young children and to relieve itching in mosquito bite is recommended for them to use the local media described above.

To prevent kulitsidoza recommended special tools (repellent) to repel mosquitoes, which are applied directly to the skin and clothes for young children it is advisable to use the bracelets that have similar properties.During the period of activity of mosquitoes should be installed on windows mosquito nets that prevent the penetration of insects in the room and use the fumigators.

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