Eczema in Children: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Under eczema understand chronic skin disease of allergic nature.It is a common pathology: it is about a third of all skin diseases in children.The disease can develop in children at any age.


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The basis of disease is increased sensitivity to various allergens.Formed in response to the entry into the body of the antigen antibody complexes form antigen-antibody complexes.With their interaction releasing substances having a high biological activity (histamine, serotonin, limfoiny) and promotes inflammation.

allergens (antigens) may act as external substances and irritants:

in the body may occur hypersensitivity to the body's own cells.Matters and hereditary factors: predisposition to allergic diseases.Provoke an exacerbation of eczema and it can stress.

frequency of exacerbations and the degree depends on the amount and duration of exposure to the allergen, the individual sensitivity to it.

main eczema symptoms are swelling

and redness of the skin rash in the form of small, easy-open bubble followed by the formation of foci soak.The appearance of rash accompanied by itching.The child becomes moody, often crying.

following types of eczema:

So there are areas soak.Fairly quickly the process spreads to other parts of the trunk and extremities.When drying of serous fluid formed crust.

Clinical manifestations of microbial eczema characterized by the presence in the initial stages of pustular rash elements in place scratches, burns, abrasions.The hearth is usually oval or round shape with precise contours.

With the progression of the process appear secondary abundant fine bubbles forming extensive weeping eroded surface.The preferential localization of microbial eczema are skin of the upper (back of the hand, forearm and shoulder) and lower (lower leg, thigh) limbs.

Diagnosis is based on clinical data of chronic disease course (alternating exacerbations and relapses).

It is desirable to establish the cause of eczema and repair it (if possible).Assigned individually tailored treatment for each child.Local treatment depends on the severity and stage of the disease process.

If only redness and revealed the bubbles, then the starch, talc, mash.When appointed to soak in disinfectant lotions and binding solutions.

At any stage used allergy medications (Diazolin, Fenkarol, Tsetrin, Tavegil, Sandosten), drugs (ointments, creams) with corticosteroid hormones (ftorokort, Lorinden, flutsinar).

When microbial eczema are appointed by the broad-spectrum antibiotics (erythromycin, ampicillin, oxacillin), lotions with disinfectants.

important point in the treatment is the observance of a hypoallergenic diet.If the baby is sick, receiving breast milk, the diet recommended to nursing mothers.A month after the disappearance of acute food intake gradually expanding.

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