How to win at home allergies

not always spring brings joy.For allergy sufferers this time of year often becomes a real disaster: red, constantly watering eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion.Sometimes allergy attacks are so strong that they need medical care in the hospital.But in most cases relieve symptoms and significantly improve the help available to all, cheaper methods.

How to win at home allergies, read this article.


  • 1 Neti-pot
  • 2 Nasal lavage method yogis
  • 3 Saline sprays
  • 4 Eating local honey
  • 5 use of HEPA-filter
  • 6 herbs and other supplements
  • 7 Shower
  • 8 Steam
  • 9 Eucalyptus
  • 10 Spicy foods
  • 11 Tea
  • 12 10 natural ways to beatallergies at home
    • 12.1 not leave the window open
    • 12.2 not miss receiving prescribed medicines
    • 12.3 Do not exercise in the morning
    • 12.4 Use an air purifier
    • 12.5 Carry EpiPen
    • 12.6 Listen to yourself
    • 12.7 right Organize your home

Neti-pot - a special, very original looking teapot, which every day becomes more and more po

pular in the home treatment of allergies and sinusitis.Using this device a person can be washed with special saline nasal cavity, washing away allergens and liquefying the mucus, which facilitates its removal.

How to win at home allergies Use teapot is very simple.First, fill it with warm liquid (approximately body temperature).To prepare the brine, you can either buy ready-mix in bags, either alone dissolve a little salt in the desired amount of water to obtain an isotonic solution.You can either use iodized salt coarse (it is stored in svetoneprinitsaemoy dish) or sea salt.

Before washing need to blow my nose and drip into the nose decongestants to relieve swelling of the mucosa and facilitate the procedure.

followed by tilt your head to one side and begin to slowly pour the solution from the teapot into the nostril until, until the liquid comes out of the other nostril (breath - through the mouth).With proper lavage solution flows freely through the nose, washing away allergens and mucus.Note: It is better to use boiled water, so as not to carry infection.

If you for some reason you can not buy a neti-pot, or just do not get high-quality washed his nose with it, try to use the system Dolphin or a small pear.

For him teapot is not necessary, enough bowls or deep dish with warm isotonic solution (it is easy to check the temperature of the tip of the little finger).During an exacerbation, as in the previous method, it is necessary before the procedure as much as possible to clear both nostrils of mucus and try to remove the swelling.

Prepare a handkerchief or paper towel.Place the bowl on the edge of the sink, his head so that his chin was pinned to the sternum, dip the nose into the water and retract the solution both nostrils.When the head is in a position, salt water does not go into the larynx, it immediately flows into the mouth, and it just spits you.Only four or five "breaths" per procedure.After that, remove excess water from the sinuses: the head throws back, made breath ("sniff");head leaning to the left shoulder - inhale, head to the right shoulder - inhale.All the waste liquid residues spits.Then you need to blow your nose properly.

During an exacerbation procedure is performed twice a day: in the morning to clean the mucus accumulated overnight, and immediately after returning home from work: dressed, washed, washed his nose.In remission is enough to wash the nose just after work.

This procedure, incidentally, is quite good and prevention of influenza.And the remnants of salt water can rinse your eyes and wash your face to remove puffiness.

Ready salt solutions, which are sold in pharmacies, are almost as effective as nasal lavage.The essence of the use of sprays is that they are uniformly distributed on the mucous saline, reducing swelling and alleviate the symptoms of allergy.

How to win at home allergies If every day to eat a small amount of honey, which is produced in your area, it will help to adapt to allergens and reduce reactivity.The dosage should be gradually increased honey, literally grams per week, the reception start of the month and a half before the start of seasonal exacerbation.

Resist the urge to "resolve the issue fundamentally," that is to eat just one hundred grams of honey, once and for all deal with allergies!The result can be a negative (aversion to useful nutritious foods until vomiting) or extremely undesirable: allergies will start earlier than you thought, an attack can be very strong.The spoon - medication in a cup - poison.

Portable air purifiers, complete with high-efficiency filters, capture tiny particles, including dust and pet dander, helping to clean the air in the room.Better yet, use air conditioners and split systems to clean the air throughout the apartment.

also useful dehumidifiers.By reducing the level of humidity, they help fight the fungus that often causes allergies.

How to win at home allergies been studies that have shown efficacy in patients with allergy herbs: nettle deaf, celandine, spirulina, eyebright, celery.

With regard to food supplements, the most powerful anti-allergic effect is bromelain contained in pineapples.He even used to reduce inflammation after surgery on sinuses.We must start with small doses, because other substances contained in pineapples can trigger allergies.

Everyone knows that some of the symptoms of allergy (eg, nasal congestion) can go, if you take a nice hot shower.The steam from the hot water relieves symptoms, reduces the swelling of the mucous, relieves headaches.

In addition, if you take a shower every time you come to the street, it will wash away all allergens from the skin and hair, which also produces a positive therapeutic effect.Especially important to thoroughly bathe after work in the garden or the garden.

If the body reacts negatively to the hot steam, can be replaced by showering and washing the head washing.

How to win at home allergies body does not give a negative reaction to the hot steam?Then, use the old-fashioned way.Type in a pan of hot water with the addition of 2-3 grams of salt or baking soda, just boiled potatoes (do not pour the liquid!) And carefully bend over it, cover with a large towel on top to create a kind of "tent" and breathe in the steam for 5-10 minutes.In severe nasal congestion can breathe steam 5-6 times a day.

After the procedure to be shrouded in a towel or handkerchief and sit in the heat for 10-15 minutes, so the effect was maximal.

strong smell of resin and the sweet smells of rich eucalyptus oil can significantly increase the efficiency of steam treatments, due to the additional decrease mucosal edema and decrease mucus production.Eucalyptus oil has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.Just add a few drops of oil in a pan, on which you are going to breathe or loofah before taking a hot shower to feel the charm of this natural way to relieve allergies.

Warning: Be careful not to apply eucalyptus oil on the skin and mucous membranes!And even more so do not swallow it, in concentrated form, it will give an undesirable effect.

Anyone who has ever eaten in my life something really spicy, can confirm that the Spicy food cleanses the nose and all his sinuses.To carry Tabasco peppers (red and black pepper, chili pepper, cayenne and other spicy varieties), wasabi, mustard, garlic and horseradish.Spicy dishes are dried nasal mucosa, reduce the production of mucus, wash away all allergens naturally.

But do not forget that excessive consumption of spicy food can cause irritation of the mouth, esophagus and stomach.Observe moderation.

How to win at home allergies breath of steam over a hot cup of tea - that can be useful and effective?Just nice "need" to drink tea.

Try green tea with mint.This beverage rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which are necessary for the body to combat allergies.Hot steam from mint aroma perfectly cope with nasal congestion, and the tea will help to organize his thoughts.Perfectly cleanses the nasal passages ginger tea, it also relieves aches and headache.

If you have air conditioning or a powerful fan in the period of exacerbation sure that your windows open at all.Set the air conditioner in recirculation mode indoors.This will help you eliminate the constant flow of allergens from the street and reduce their content in a room at 30% or more.This is especially true for those who live on the lower floors.

Any drug has a half-life and elimination half-life.Therefore, it is important to take the medication at the same time, it supports the body in a constant concentration of beneficial agent.

How to win at home allergies running, football and other active sessions on the street - it's just great, because the fresh air increases the effectiveness of training.But if you have an allergy to pollen, try to minimize exposure to the street in the morning when all the plants most active spread pollen.

This device, compact and efficient enough to allow you to clean the air in your apartment even up to 30% of allergens.You agree that the use of this cleaner with the windows closed and the air conditioner (especially if it also has a special filter) will allow you to make the air in the apartment as secure as possible.

If you are strong allergy attacks that require emergency medical intervention, carry EpiPen and make sure that it has not expired.EpiPen - a "pen" charged with adrenaline dosage that relieves allergy attack.As soon as you feel the harbingers of a strong attack, remove the EpiPen, remove the cap and make yourself a shot in the arm or leg.

course before purchasing such a drug and use it, you should consult with your doctor.You may not need such strong medicine, the doctor may suggest other options.If the EpiPen is really necessary, the allergist will tell you how to use it.

Wear EpiPen (or another drug that will advise the doctor) in a pocket or bag so that you can for a few seconds to get it and to use, it should always be at hand.After all, if you do not remove an attack on time, the consequences can be very unpredictable and very serious.

dose of the drug is intended for adults, so always keep EpiPen in a place inaccessible to children.

man is not always allergic to birth.Sometimes the first attack there in a fairly mature age.

Pay attention to your health, if you do every spring acute sinusitis or rhinitis has an ongoing need to visit not only the ENT doctor and allergist, as is likely, we are talking about allergies.

First of all - no flowering houseplants.If you want something to grow, select ficus or any other plant that does not produce flowers, it does not emit allergens.They are easy to wash from a watering can, and decorate the room they can not worse than violet or pellargonii.

Do not grow flowers on the balcony and in the flowerbeds under the windows.If you are healthy, and the neighbor asks you not to plant flowers under his balcony, understand that this is not a whim.If you are sick yourself, do not hesitate to ask the neighbors to break the windows flowerbeds.It is possible to find an alternative option for plants which do not bloom and do not have allergenic properties.

Pillows and blankets should be only with synthetic fillers, easily washable, as down, feathers, wool is often a source of allergy or enhance an already existing disease.

Upholstered furniture is not desirable to choose a fuzzy coating, it should be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner and curtains regularly wash.From the carpets have to give up: they settle microscopic mites, reinforcing any allergies.Books must be in closed shelves as book dust in combination with other allergens may have a negative effect on the body.

But what about pets?You firmly believe that your pets can not be the cause of the poor state?And even got himself a sphinx or a parrot, instead of the usual "Fluffy", if only in the house was a "safe" creature?Unfortunately, it does not help.Allergy develops not for wool, and dander and saliva animals, bird and fish feed.

Therefore, no matter how you loved their Murzik Bobikov and with them would have to say goodbye, because health is more important.Of course, you do not throw out your pet on the street: Build out to his family or give it in good hands.And do not feel guilty.You do not hesitate to have given the animal if suffering from allergies your child?So why should suffer the most?

There are animals that are relatively safe in this respect: land tortoises prefer vegetarian diet, newts and other reptiles, which can be purchased at a pet store to supply the worms, but not dried fodder.They are in their own fun and enjoyable - and if it did, without a pet, choose them.

more literate equip the house, the less likely its inhabitants are experiencing acute allergies.

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