Urethritis in men: Symptoms and Treatment

urethritis - a disease in which the inflammatory process affects the mucous membrane of the urethra (urethritis).Many believe that there is only urethritis in diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, but it is not.The disease can be both infectious and non-infectious in nature.

In most cases, infectious urethritis in men is the result of infection with sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, chlamydia, and others.).Often inflammation of the urethra caused by opportunistic flora (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and others.) Non-compliance with the rules of hygiene, possibly bacteria from entering the urethra of the foci of inflammation in other organs.

Also doctor can diagnose noninfectious urethritis resulting from injury to the urethra during medical procedures, during the passage of urinary tract stones.Also described are cases of disease in a male suffering from metabolic disorders in which increased concentration in urine and urinary oxalic acid irritates the mucous membrane of the urina

ry tract.In rare cases, urethritis develops against the background of an allergic reaction.Noninfectious urethritis can quickly go into an infectious bacterial flora accession.


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Urethritis in men: Symptoms and Treatment infectious urethritis symptoms usually occur 5-14days after infection and noninfectious urethritis symptoms may appear much earlier.The main symptom of the disease - is pain, a burning sensation in the urethra during voiding and also thereafter.That is the symptom most often causes a man to see a doctor.The same patient may disturb mucous or purulent discharge from the opening of the urethra, redness and bonding sponge urethra, especially in the morning, may cause blood in the urine or semen.Men suffering from urethritis may also experience pain or other discomfort during intercourse.General deterioration of health is usually not observed, however, men with reduced immunity may cause mild symptoms of intoxication (weakness, fever up to 37,5oS).

7-14 days described the symptoms subside, if acute urethritis is left untreated or treated properly, the disease enters a chronic form, whose treatment is more complex, lengthy and costly.With timely treatment to the doctor, acute urethritis is usually cured in 7-10 days without any consequences.

chronic urethritis symptoms similar to the symptoms of the acute form of the disease.Outside exacerbation man usually nothing to be concerned, however, under the influence of unfavorable factors, the inflammatory process is exacerbated.Patients can disturb not strong pain in the urethra when urinating and after, not abundant discharge from the opening of the urethra and other symptoms characteristic of acute urethritis, but they will be less intense.

Men meets and asymptomatic urethritis, in which case it can be diagnosed by chance during examination for another reason.The first exacerbation of the disease can occur in a few months, or even years after infection.

If you have symptoms of urethritis is necessary to address to the urologist.The patient should be screened to identify the causative agent and its susceptibility to antibiotics.Do not be surprised if the doctor, in addition to a smear from the urethra, blood tests for the detection of sexually transmitted infections by.

Antibiotics - the mainstay of therapy for urethritis of any etiology.Spectrum antibiotic used in the treatment of this disease, is quite wide.Used drugs from the group of cephalosporins, tetracyclines, macrolides, fluoroquinolones, rarely used drugs penicillin.Candida urethritis requires the appointment of antifungal drugs.In many cases, appointed just two antibiotics.

Urethritis in men: Symptoms and Treatment The course of treatment lasts on average 10 days.It is necessary to strictly observe the regimen of antibacterial drugs.Self can not stop treatment, it can lead to the transition of the disease into a chronic form.

doctor may also local treatment, in addition to antibiotic therapy, often this method is used in the treatment of urethritis caused by infections, sexually transmitted infections.Conducted instillation (drip drugs into the urethra) Miramistin solutions, chlorhexidine, Dekasana et al., Has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.The procedure is performed only on prescription by qualified medical personnel.

Since most men suffering from urethritis, lowered immunity, we recommend taking multivitamin complexes (Multitabs, peaks Complivit, Biomax, Alphabet, etc..), As well as immunomodulators of plant origin (echinacea, ginseng, lemongrass, Siberian ginseng, and others.).

Since the treatment of urethritis is assigned to antibiotic therapy, we should think about the prevention of dysbiosis.It is recommended to carry out a course of treatment drugs, reducing the intestinal microflora (Linex, Normoflorin, Bifiform, Atsipol et al.).

the treatment of urethritis should also pay attention to diet.At the time of treatment, and for several months after it should be removed from the diet of sharp, salty, pickled, smoked food, stop drinking alcohol.Salts and acids that can be output in the urine may irritate the mucous membrane of the urinary tract, thereby maintaining the inflammatory process.It is useful to drink juice and cranberry juice, cranberries, black currants.Also, your doctor may recommend taking medicinal herbal teas, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect (horsetail, St. John's wort grass, leaves, cranberries, and others.).Patients need to keep drinking regime in order to maintain a regular urination.This provides washing and removal of the urethra with urine bacteria and their metabolic products.

Urethritis in men: Symptoms and Treatment At the time of treatment should refrain from sexual intercourse or use a barrier method of contraception (condoms).Sexual partners of male patients should also be examined and, if necessary, medical treatment, especially if urethritis caused by infections, sexually transmitted infections.After completing the course of treatment must be retested to assess the effectiveness of the therapy.

urethritis - a serious illness, do not hesitate to contact your doctor to the problem as untimely or incorrect treatment can lead to serious complications.Perhaps the spread of infection to other organs, patients may develop cystitis, pyelonephritis, inflammation can affect the testicles and their appendages.The most severe complication of urethritis in men - is prostatitis, which can lead to incurable infertility and sexual dysfunction.

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