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The real benefit and harm of fat

For unknown reasons, the fat is considered a national product of Ukraine.But even a few thousand years to the present day Chinese pigs grown and consumed fat in food.But salty bacon - the invention of the Italians. But we can not do anything about, lard was traditionally considered a Ukrainian delicacy.And I must admit that the Ukrainian product is one of the most delicious.

controversy over the fact whether the fat is useful or not, are carried out so far.Although it has long been proven that the benefits and harms of fat depends on what it eats and how much to use.We must pay tribute to the history, where the struggle of benefit and harm of fat always ended with the victory of the latter.But more recently, charges have been removed from the product, to general rejoicing inhabitants of Ukraine.

Currently nutritionists all countries have made one very important conclusion - benefit from the bacon more than harm.And the first thing that can be put in this relationship, it is an easily digestible prod

uct.In addition, it has a lot of healing properties, so it can be used as a medicine for pain in the joints, with heel spurs, eczema, with mastitis, when the toothache, and other troubles.

course, brings a lot of damage to the fat, if consumed uncontrollably.However, there is a category of patients to whom it is simply counter.It is any disease of the gallbladder and liver, as well as people with excessive body weight greater.The thing is that the 100 grams of fat contained 770 kcal.And for those who keep a diet, this product will not only inappropriate, it will only harm.But, if necessary, to get the calories or exhaustion, a sandwich with bacon for breakfast - an excellent tool for the correction of health.

Note that in nature there is a large enough variety of it, where pigs are definitely takes first place in consumption.Although it healing properties are the rest:

  • Bearish;
  • Dog;
  • badger;
  • Baranja;
  • beef.

Medicinal properties of fat

Why fat has the highest healing properties?This question can be answered by the fact that the product in a large amount are present the following elements, which are so useful in our body.

  1. arachidonic acid.It is very necessary for the functioning of the brain, adrenal glands and liver.It is this acid affects the hormones and cholesterol metabolism.
  2. Lenolenovaya and palmitic acid.
  3. Carotene.
  4. Vitamins A, D and E. Vitamins in fat much, just those found in large quantities.

even have these elements suggest that fat - it is an excellent product that will help those who want to maintain their immunity.But all who wish to be healthy interested in issues related to cholesterol.So, in the body of cholesterol enough.And it does not affect the functionality of the presence element and its levels.And what this level is above or below the norm, the worse you.And the fat, on the contrary, will help to maintain this level.

Besides refusal to take fat or other animal fats aggravate the condition of the body.After all, not many people know that cholesterol affects the proper and healthy functioning of muscles.And the heart muscle in this case is no exception.That is why moderate consumption helps to maintain cholesterol at the appropriate level.

Returning to the question of the benefits and harms of fat, we note that 30 grams of this product per day - will not bring any harm.Moreover, it is possible to maintain the amount will normally cholesterol.Of all types of the most useful is the salt in dry form.All others that undergo heat treatment, to reach the consumer with reduced nutritional composition.By the way, calorie salty bacon is 815.6 kcal.

And another important point.If there is a problem in front of you, how to use the fat as a medicament, the best option - a topical application.

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