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The benefits and dangers of chocolate for women

The benefits and dangers of chocolate for women As the statistics, the majority of the fairer sex mainly like milk chocolate, less porous and white, and only a small part of the beautiful ladies prefer dark bitter.This is understandable: the bitterness in the "true" chocolate, though natural, nevertheless, not every woman and the girl's taste.But nothing!The fact that the benefits of dark chocolate is huge and it can not be compared milk "brother" - the latter is different in a positive way, perhaps the only good taste.So what is good for women's dark chocolate, it is more useful than the milk, you get fat from it and what harm is fraught - know right now.

composition of chocolate

Each type, kind of chocolate prepared by a special recipe and has different taste.Of course, the level of cocoa and chocolate in each is different.Dark chocolate, generally prepared on the basis of cocoa and powdered sugar.The higher amount of cocoa, so, consequently, more bitterness therein.

There are different varieties of dark chocolate containing 70, 72, 75, 99 a

nd 100 percent of the highest quality cocoa.It is believed that the best option - 72%.But one thing you can say for sure: in this dark chocolate should not feel sour taste, but the product itself, as a rule, does not have nuts or other toppings.

benefits of dark chocolate, and how to use

The benefits and dangers of chocolate for women
As they say, all good if moderately.Thus in the case of dark chocolate.It really is a considerable benefit to the human body, in particular for women, but there is a significant caveat: there it must be in small quantities!And more precisely not more than the fourth day of the tile (in about 25 g).That's only on this condition, you will realize how useful it is.And enjoy the following:

  • feeds the brain and stimulates brain activity.All this thanks to the phosphorus that is present in the chocolate.Very useful for office workers and all people engaged in intellectual and creative activity.
  • Chocolate eases PMS.It's true: a good dark chocolate reduces the typical symptoms.
  • increases the tone and mood.It is often said that chocolate eliminates the melancholy and bad mental attitude, but now we know what it is!
  • strengthens bones due to calcium entering the body.
  • become hard and teeth with the help of phosphate and fluoride.
  • Through chocolate you can even treat a sore throat.
  • located in Cocoa antioxidants help prolong youthfulness, as slow down the aging.But ... always remember the daily norm, so as not to overdo it with the rejuvenation!
  • lowers the level of danger of the hormone cortisol, which normally attracted to a lot of stress.
  • Any inflammatory processes are reduced to a minimum.
  • pressure when consuming chocolate usually comes back to normal, including obesity.
  • improves blood circulation, lower cholesterol and the risk of blood clots.
  • prevents the risk of developing diabetes.

The benefits and dangers of chocolate for women

about the dangers of chocolate

First of all, it should be noted that chocolate is not desirable to use for people who have problems with metabolism and diabetes.But it is more related to the type of white or milk chocolate and as bitter, it may well be there, be sure to following the daily norm (20-25 g), and in any case did not go beyond its limits.

However, consider harmful properties:

  • Tannin contained in dark chocolate, is a vasoconstrictor, so if you are often tormented by migraine, better give up the use or Eat a little less than the daily requirement.
  • Poor quality dark chocolate triggers the development of gastritis.Carefully study the products in shops and supermarkets in the selection.
  • the question "Do get fat from chocolate?" Can be answered in the affirmative in part because this is a high-calorie product.On the other hand, dark chocolate has the least number of calories as compared with all other species.
  • abuse of the product leads to dizziness, allergies and insomnia.

As you can see, all the bad qualities, in principle, can be reduced to zero, if you stick to a simple recommendation: 25 grams a day!

How do I know the quality or not dark chocolate

The benefits and dangers of chocolate for women

  • A good product is not white plaque
  • pretty quickly dissolves in the mouth
  • Always look on the packaging: in this chocolate must be at least 55% cocoa
  • minimum (5% or less) content of all vegetable oils.

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