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There bread is harmful: truth or myth

There bread is harmful: truth or myth Bread - a head.In this thesis it is possible not to doubt, since virtually every nation he takes pride of place in the house.However, recently appeared on the Internet plenty of articles about the dangers of this product and its negative impact on the body.Let's try to figure out whether the bread is bad?

harm bread: truth and fiction

Consider the basic horror stories:

  1. It has a lot of calories.
  2. Flour - a "third death."
  3. yeast enters the bloodstream, robbing the human body.

Let us first consider the question nutritionally.Calorie rye bread is 160-200 kcal per 100 grams.Wheat - 240-260 kcal.Calorie cakes such as "Ginger" and "Rose" is about 450 kcal.Calorie 20% cream - 206 calories, rice - 323 calories and honey - 308 kcal.Thus, the fact that excessive caloric product described is a bit overblown.Although, of course, it is more calories than dairy products or fruit.If you sit on a diet, the use of flour products described should be a bit limited, but still something to replace them are in ca

rbohydrates and fiber.
Now as misconceptions about the harmfulness of flour.Most vegetarians and raw foodists believe that the bread is "dead" food and no nutrients it lacks.This is not quite true.Describes the product, of course, hardly a leader in the number of useful trace elements, but also the "dead", he also is not.Benefits and harms of bread depends, rather, on what kind you eat it.In addition, the use of bread with various studies proved significantly.Just as scientific fact, is the fact that white bread is very easy to digest.
There bread is harmful: truth or myth
often said: "The yeast enters the bloodstream, robbing the human body."Sorry, but this is nonsense.Yeast is a much more present grapes, beer, kvass, yogurt and many other products which are not subject to such myths.But the interesting thing is different: the yeast consistently present in the human body!The fact that they are part of our normal microflora, those who spread the silly speculation about the yeast in the blood for some reason prefer to remain silent.

Black or white bread?

As you know, black bread is considered to be more useful to the body, rather than white.It's really so.It has more fiber, B vitamins and fewer calories.By the way, all bran bread and absorbs harmful substances and enhances immunity.As for the white bread, which brings the benefit of our body relatively small, it is better absorbed by the body and increases the appetite.
There bread is harmful: truth or myth

harmful Why bread?

answer to this question requires the recognition of the version that the described product is harmful.And this, as we see, not exactly.Of course, the usefulness of it away, for example, to the buckwheat porridge, but harmful it can only be considered a stretch.Even the damage of white bread is exaggerated.Rather, it is an ordinary pacifier of calories in pure form and, although it has not so useless starch.
Black bread - a source of vitamins, so it is recommended to use, even when vitamin deficiency.It relatively high in fiber, so that the product improves bowel, reduces the risk of developing diabetes and even removes toxins from the body!However, it is not recommended to use in patients flatulence, gastroenteritis and acidity.Harmful it is for people who are allergic to gluten.
There bread is harmful: truth or myth
summarize, note the benefits and harms of black bread, just like white, largely depends on individual tolerance or intolerance to the components of this product.As for the rest, it should be considered an invention, created in order to sell some other items.

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