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How useful olives

How useful olives olives - Mediterranean fruit, symbolizing peace, victory and power.They, as recorded in the Bible, even survived the Flood, just getting on the end of his status of a "peaceful" product.After the dove brought to Noah's Ark is not nothing but a branch of the olive tree, which meant that at the time the end of God's punishment.
In modern culture the olive is a product often used in salads and pizza.Equally well-known is also olive oil is used not only in cooking but also for medicinal purposes.

Than helpful olives?

scientists as part of the olives have counted more than a hundred active substances, which indicates that they are extremely useful for the organism.The most predominate in this product such as the vitamins A, E and C. This is what exactly is the use of olives:
How useful olives

  1. Regular consumption of berries described leads to a significant improvement of the cardiovascular system.This in turn reduces the risk of heart attack and angina.
  2. olives have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system,
    healing of pain in the joints.This fact is due to the presence in this fruit much calcium and manganese.
  3. also enjoys olives visible and to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract.Due to the consumption of olive trees from the body faster than output unnecessary substances, and indeed significantly improves digestion.By the way, the ability to neutralize the toxins led to the fact that these fruits are used even in alcoholic cocktails.
  4. Interestingly, the olive tree can influence the wounds and cuts, helping them heal faster.Moreover, they purified blood.
  5. systematic use of olives enables prevention of diseases such vital organs as the liver, stomach and intestines.
  6. prevents the consumption of olive trees and the development of cancer.
  7. Besides all the above it should be mentioned that the olive oil is known as its anti-aging effects on the skin.Moreover, these berries also make it possible to lose weight!That is, women really olives are almost indispensable product.

How useful olives

is useful, olives or olives?

To begin to understand the difference between these two berries.Well, that is how the two ... In fact, this is the same fruit, known in Russian by two different names.When these fruits are still green, we are called olives.If they have matured to black color, in this case they are called olives.Since the main suppliers of olives in Europe are Italy, Spain and Greece, in the post-Soviet countries, they are only available in canned form, but they have all the above-described advantageous properties.Generally themselves olives raw there impossible.They certainly are soaked in an alkaline or saline, oxidized in air, salted, and then preserved in oil or vinegar.Calorie canned olives is 115 kcal.
How useful olives

Olives: not only good, but also harm

Despite the abundance of useful components, olives may also have harmful effects on the body.Black olives, pitted (and with them, too) have a strong choleretic effect, so they are dangerous with cholecystitis.Also, olives are contraindicated for diarrhea, because they contain a lot of oil and give a mild laxative effect.
In general, beneficial properties of the olives are not comparable with the harmful effects of the product.Of course, too much to use it in any case not worth it.However, the offering of olives benefits really deserves to do their daily component of their diet.

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