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Zucchini - useful properties and contraindications

Perhaps, many may be surprised to learn that the pub - a kind of pumpkin.But it's actually true.Although no similarity, because this vegetable is green and white color, and the size of it is much smaller pumpkin. But the whims of nature, so that the two brothers of the same vegetable may not be similar to each other.

The purpose of this paper to acquaint the readers with useful properties zucchini, talk about how you can use this vegetable for medicinal purposes.First, we start with a story that the marrow consists of 94.5% water, 5% of carbohydrates and only 0.5% protein.That is, it is one of the most low-calorie food, which is well suited to those who decided to lose weight and choose a diet.

It should be noted that the pub - it's just a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.Therefore, it is recommended to eat not only losing weight, but the rest, regardless of age.For the younger generation it will be for the benefit of their physical development.Adult squash helps maintain normal major organs such

as the heart, liver, kidneys and others.And for the seriously ill - it's a great diet, because the zucchini with its beneficial properties and delicate texture - excellent food, do not irritate the mucous membrane of the intestines and stomach.

Tavern - benefits and harms

begin with the merits of this vegetable.

  • The most useful feature of zucchini - to normalize the body's water balance.It is a diuretic, so that it can output the extra salt.
  • about dietary properties already mentioned, only add that a lot of zucchini does not happen.Nutritionists claim that eating up to 1.5 kilograms of vegetables per day, you will never recover.
  • Tavern - great product.It allows you to quickly organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.It is especially useful for constipation.
  • Plus, this product can be prepared in a huge variety of dishes.And if you sit on a diet, be sure to include it in your diet.
  • Finally.Zucchini anybody does not cause allergic reactions.Many consumers believe that this quality is the most important vegetable.We will not disabuse them of this.

But not only the useful vegetable.Juice squash - it is also a drug.If you use it regularly, it is possible to solve the problems of nervousness, fatigue, irritability.But note that to use the juice in large quantities in urolithiasis is not necessary.

What in the pub great content of antioxidants, known to all.Therefore, our dear women often use it for cosmetic purposes in the home.For example, a few slices, cooked in milk, helps to make the skin velvety, smooth out wrinkles from them.This mask has helped many beauties.

can grate the zucchini and add to the finished weight of a few drops of essential oil or olive oil.Applying to the face mask helps to remove the redness of the skin to remove age spots.Moreover, such a mixture often use and when washing hair.From her hair is alive, graying little favor.

Usually this vegetable used in cooking as an additive in side dishes and sauces.Many people wonder, is it possible to have a raw zucchini?In principle, no restriction on this.Of course, it is quite lean and watery product that may not seem very tasty.Therefore, it is raw on the table is not fed.And in salads, as an additional ingredient, zucchini added frequently.This usually their Grate.

Tips nutritionists

  • Courgettes should be used to the maximum, the benefit of their season starts in early spring and ends in late autumn.So dish of zucchini you can use for a long time.And it pleases those who decided to lose weight and dieting.Of course, to say that the pub - this is one of those products that are crucial in the process of losing weight, you can not.But, as a supplement and receive vitamins and minerals, this is an excellent component.
  • Good zucchini if ​​they put out, or hold it in the oven for ten minutes.However, their beneficial properties virtually unchanged, although the vitamin and mineral content decreases slightly.
  • fiber present in the pub.So, getting into the body, they act as whisks, pulling for a slag, salt, bad cholesterol, and excess water.
  • this vegetable is rich in iron is a necessary complement anemic patients.So use it in any form.

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