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Weight Loss Products - Diet cereal

No one will argue that the cereal - it is the most healthy dish of the total diet, which uses a person for a day.Firstly, cereals contain in their structure a huge amount of useful substances. Secondly, the fiber present therein allowed to operate the gastrointestinal tract normally and without any failures.Third, the nutrients to help satisfy hunger quickly and permanently preserve the feeling of satiety.But

Diet cereal - a great assistant for our lovely ladies.They combine business with pleasure.Can losing weight, improve their health.And if we talk specifically about losing weight, the diet cereal are always present in almost all diets.There is in these dishes one amusing moment - they are such a large number that choose a specific or more of the cereals not be easy.Besides preparing them simply and quickly.

But one can often hear the lament that seems to be present in the diet of porridge, and the extra kilos are not leaving.For those who sat on the diet and eats porridge, it is necessary to pr


  1. Eat porridge diet should be only in the singular, that is, without amendments and supplements.
  2. If it has purely been unbearable, it is necessary to determine which products can combine with it, not to gain another couple of kilos.Nutritionists recommend that they go well with fish, chicken, lean meat with, you can add cheese, vegetables or fruit.

But let's look at things honestly, because there are people who get fat no matter rests with the plate in his porridge diet or not.This condition of the body.Therefore, before the network on a diet, where there are porridge, you should consult with a nutritionist.But in any case, in the process of eating you ought to control their weight and adjust the amount and type of food.

Delicious lentil porridge

For those who want to limit yourself to eating meat, lentil porridge fit just right.It includes a large number of vegetable protein, iron and folic acid.With lentils can lower blood sugar levels, it quickly removes the hunger and also a long time.Who have problems with stomach and duodenal ulcers - is the perfect remedy.

Lentil dietary porridge cooked in much the same way as everyone else.The only thing that needs to be done necessarily, it is rinsed several times groats in cold water and fill it with water for eight hours.Cook porridge should be simmered, it is possible to add the fried onions, garlic and vegetables.Excellent dish for those who lose weight.

Diet millet porridge

millet groats in a lot of protein, maybe that's why it so nutritionists recommend.It should be noted that this is one of those cereals which are quickly absorbed without load for digestion.

Recipe for millet porridge is also simple, but that it was really tasty and useful, you need the right approach to solving three major problems.

  1. Choice of cereals.Dark cereal - it Pshenko-Dranets.At its core, this grain, which is removed from the floral tape.Porridge drantsa has a bitter taste, brewed this mess longer, and absorbed by the body more difficult.Polished grain is cooked faster, her mild taste and is absorbed better.Cereal cooked in a couple of minutes, and porridge out of it gives a very viscous.
  2. Primary treatment.Millet grits necessarily have to go through.It was then washed with seven or eight times, it is important to ensure that the water was clean and clear.The last wash is best carried out in hot water to steam the grain bit.
  3. Preparation.Millet grits cooked in a large volume of water, but not completely, and until half.Then water is drained, but instead added milk.Cook on the final stage of the diet should be millet porridge over low heat until its complete readiness.Please note that the more milk you pour into porridge, the longer it will be prepared, and thus will be more tasty.

not rare in millet porridge added fruit, for example, is very tasty porridge with prunes and pumpkin.

Diet buckwheat porridge - one of the most popular diets.

Recipes dietary cereals huge amount, choose for yourself useful and tasty and not too lazy to cook.If you want to be slim and beautiful, you have to make some effort, and diet of porridge to help you with this.