Healthy foods

Diet food - lean fish

probably should not say that the fish and seafood - a necessary food in our diets.Physicians are advised to at least once a week to eat fish.Remember, in the Soviet Union was fishing Thursday afternoon. It was introduced not only because the fish had to be implemented.At the real doctor.

Why fish is so useful?

  • It contains a huge amount of nutrients.
  • especially necessary to note the phosphorus and iodine.
  • purine base.This feature will be useful to those suffering from gastritis, who badly allocated gastric juice.And if isolated from the whole class the most fish, so to speak, "purinosoderzhaschie", it should be noted sprats, sardines and caviar.By the way, the best patients to consume it all in the form of soup or broth.
  • minimum presence in fish of connective tissue suggests that it has, firstly, easily digested, and, secondly, quickly prepared.And if you decide to lose some weight, the low-fat varieties of fish will be the ideal diet in your menu.
  • fish protein in their properties will not yield
    meat.It contains exactly the number and variety of amino acids.But its better digestibility fish protein - 98% compared with 89% meat.
  • fish contains unique in its effect fatty acids.This omega-3 and omega-5.
  • Low-fat varieties of fish are low-calorie product.So sick and losing weight is recommended to consume them.Therefore they are called dietary fish.

How to cook delicious diet fish - recipes

Not every one of us knows what the fish diet.In fact, the list in this category can include a large list of subspecies.Of these, most often we eat walleye, perch and cod.These three types of lean fish are present in our table.Therefore, we offer a few recipes of dietary fish dishes.

Baked cod

To do this, you need 300 grams of cod fillets, which it is necessary to wash and wet towel.Then, the piece is cut into four pieces.You will need a foil in the form of four squares, the size of which would be allowed to place a piece of lean fish.Slice the onions into rings and one ring is laid on the foil, and on top of the fish.Perch, solite, water with lemon juice and close the foil in the form of an envelope.Now place them on a baking sheet and place in oven, which is preheated to + 200C.The finished dish is served in a foil that is slightly ajar.

How to cook walleye

lean fish walleye are preparing in different ways, but the best of it obtained stews.There are several variations of cooking stewed zander, the differences of each depends on the sauce (milk or tomato).Each of them is an integral part of the dish.The choice always depends on your own taste preferences.The very same recipe is almost the same for all sauces.

tell you more about how to cook a pike perch in tomato sauce.This is best done in multivarka.First, chop the onion half-rings, and three carrots on a grater.These vegetables are placed in multivarku mode and prepare to fry for about 10 minutes at this time tomatoes are shredded in a blender to puree.Now vegetable pillow put a few pieces of pike perch, salt and pepper, and top it all pour tomato sauce.Put regime fighting and cook the dish for 1.5 hours.This fish can be as a garnish submit mashed potatoes or vegetables, stewed for a couple.

As you can see, cook lean fish is easy.It's actually very tasty, it is important not to overdo and do not use a lot of spices.It is best to use herbs and vegetables that will set off the fishy taste.