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Dietary dish - meatballs in a double boiler

not be wrong to say that the burgers - it's one of the favorite dishes of us.Of course, you can argue a lot, what good burgers, and how they affect the body, who are useful, and who is not. But one thing is for sure - without them our table would no longer be the one, because to be honest, We ate them at least once a week, and someone in a day.

Traditional cutlets - is fried in vegetable oil.But in this article we want to talk about the cutlets, cooked in a double boiler, according to doctors steam burgers several times more useful fried.

Many housewives, having heard commercials on TV, once bought a steamer, which, in principle, and rightly so.But not all of them are, and this is wrong.Because we all know that in the process of heat treatment products lose a large amount of nutrients that are necessary for our body.But the steaming process makes it possible to save all this.Of course, any share of the loss is inevitable, but it is too small.So cutlets in a double boiler allowed to get away from all

the meat that we need.Therefore, we assume that this is the main argument in favor of the steamers.And the other is, in principle, not necessary.

How to cook meatballs in a double boiler

Let's start with the fact that you can cook in a double boiler cutlets different products.It can be chicken, fish, meat, cereals and vegetables.Immediately reservation that can be cooked in a double boiler burgers without zazharistoy crust.While here, you can go out.For example, the first cutlets fried in a skillet over high heat until crisp (spent a couple of minutes), after which they were brought to readiness in the device.Or vice versa.First cook in a double boiler, then dozharivayut in a frying pan.But a small reduction in the amount of nutrients in this case guaranteed.

For example, the recipe of fish cutlets in a double boiler.To do this you will need two kinds of minced fish.For example, pollack and salmon in the proportion of one to one.As usual, make patties of minced meat with the addition of breadcrumbs, salt to be sure, and pepper to taste.You can add melkonarublennuyu greens.

now lay cutlets in a double boiler, put each on a mug of lemon and cook the dish for 20 minutes.

This recipe can be a little change.Instead of crackers, use flour, add one egg and cream.Obtained delicious burgers with a very delicate taste.

chicken cutlets in a double boiler

preparation of this dish requires you a little longer than the fish.The first step is to skip through the meat grinder minced chicken.Then soaked in milk slices of white bread added to the stuffing, and he again passed through a meat grinder.In such minced driven in eggs, add salt and pepper, all whipped until smooth.

Then it is necessary to form patties and put in steamer.Preparing this dish a half-hour.

Meat patties in a double boiler

first preparing stuffing - it will have mixed.That is, it will consist of meat, onions, bread, milk, garlic, all scrolled through a meat grinder.Then, the weight is added egg, salt and pepper.You can add chopped greens.Formed meatballs in a double boiler prepare 30-45 minutes.

potato patties stuffed with meat

first preparing minced meat.For this purpose pieces of meat mince, and it is fried with onion in a skillet.To this we must add fried minced chopped boiled egg, all this salt and pepper.Now preparing potatoes.Several raw tuber vegetable need to grate, squeeze out the liquid, add the flour, salt and move.Now stuffing made from potato cakes, which is placed in the center of minced meat.Formed meatballs.Baking steamers lubricated with vegetable oil, fit balls and cook for half an hour.After that, they can fry in a skillet over high heat or bake in the oven until golden brown.

way to make all these dishes are a little more interesting, you can put into each patty surprise.For example, olives, prunes, or any other piece of vegetable.

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